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Water period blood?

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Mel101094 Mon 11-May-15 15:26:07

So I had a period on the 1st of April that lasted 3 days, I hardly bled at all. I started spotting on the third day and then nothing. I had sex afterwards, protected. Then up until now I started feeling nauseous at random points, like when I thought of food and after I had food. I have a constant pain above my belly button. I took a pregnancy three days ago and it said not pregnant, I have irregular periods so I thought best to take one just to check. Yesterday I started my period, but this one is also unusual as it's really watery, I'm having to change pads every hour because it gets really full. It's also really red. I'm getting very painful stomach cramps and I feel really light headed.

Does anybody know why this is happening?

iknowimcoming Mon 11-May-15 15:29:32

It does sound odd especially the watery bit, can you call your Dr surgery and speak to a nurse and get their opinion?

TheFillyjonk Mon 11-May-15 16:13:37

I had this exact thing the month before I got pregnant - no idea why. I was expecting another period like it the month after but then got nothing...

Mel101094 Mon 11-May-15 17:24:35

Should I take another test after I've stopped bleeding? Also its like the consistency of blood in a nose bleed....

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