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Test result confusion

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LorryHen Mon 11-May-15 13:52:07

I received my screening test results on Saturday and the letter states 'you are low risk for Down's syndrome with a result of 1:100,000'

This sounds great, if not slightly too good to be true, but also it has no mention of pataus syndrome risk.

I had the quad done, did they test for more than ds or is that my number for everything?

seaoflove Mon 11-May-15 16:12:22

It might be that your particular NHS Trust only tests for Downs.

That was the case for me in my second pregnancy. With the first, I was given individual risk factors for Down's, Edward's and Patau's. I was living in a different county then.

LorryHen Mon 11-May-15 16:25:52

Hi seaoflove

Thank you for your reply, I thought everywhere tested for all three but that makes sense. I'm not overly worried about Edwards as I know I'm having a boy, but would have been nice if they made it clear at the appointment!

Thanks x

seaoflove Mon 11-May-15 17:44:01

I'm not sure why this sort of thing isn't standardised across the country, but there you go smile

Focusfocus Tue 12-May-15 10:34:16

Edwards and Pataus are tested at the 20 week scan and listed as two of the some 14 anomalies.

The 12 week scan is specifically for downs and hence called the Nuchal Transclucency Scan which measures the nuchal fold fluid as one of the key parameters for downs testing. So the letter you've got is appropriate at the 12 week scan stage/outcome and I've got the same too, also with the 1:100,000 odds.

LorryHen Tue 12-May-15 11:03:25

Thanks focusfocus, I thought the test I had was for more than Down's syndrome as I couldn't have the nuchal measurement (wiggly baby) and had to have the quad at 15 weeks.

I'll wait for the 20 week scan, thanks for your help smile

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