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Round Ligament Pain?... OUCH!

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lauraa4 Mon 11-May-15 12:30:17

So I'm 20 weeks + 5 days and today have experienced what I assume to be round ligament pain.

I have a stabbing/sharp pain in my left hand side, right where my ovary is. It's only when I walk, get up or bend over but really bloody hurts!

I do have PCOS so am hoping it's not a burst cyst or something but I phoned the hospital and they said as I haven't had any bleeding and as it's not completely unbearable it should be just my muscles stretching.

Any one else experience this? I've had the usual aching or mild cramps but not this before.

Any advice on how to ease it? I have taken paracetamol but as I am sat at work at my desk I'm very limited to what I can do.

batfish Mon 11-May-15 14:14:49

I have been having this - mine is on right hand side at same level as belly button. Feels like when you get stitch but worse. It happens if I walk anywhere even if just for 30 seconds or if I lie funny. Although touch wood it has been much better today and yesterday! Very painful though!

FernGullysWoollyPully Mon 11-May-15 14:29:06

I'm 19+3 and have exactly the same trouble. It's my fifth baby and I've never had it before but I have had spd with my third and the treatment is fairly similar.

You need support!! Knickers, vests, bump bands, support tights. Things that will lift it. Try and raise your feet up on a small stool (or stack of books at work) or on cushions if you're on the sofa. A small or pocket size hot water bottle or wheat bag will help. A pillow between your knees at night.

lauraa4 Mon 11-May-15 14:51:20

Ah thanks ladies smile

Is a hot water bottle safe to use?

Ava50x Mon 11-May-15 16:00:12

Had the same last week, at 23+ 5. Was walking in the street and was hit with such severe pain, I literally couldn't go on! Was on my lower left side. Thank goodness since then haven't really had any more although it wasn't the first time.

FernGullysWoollyPully Mon 11-May-15 17:20:05

lauraa4 - Yea, it shouldn't be a problem if it's used for short periods of time. I find if and when I use a hottie, the pain is eased in a few minutes.

HappilyMrsR Mon 11-May-15 18:15:09

Thank goodness this seems normal! Have been having pain on my left side, right near my ovary and for me, feels like the pain you get during ovulation. Only get it occasionally when walking or going for a wee, randomly!

WannabeLaraCroft Mon 11-May-15 18:33:51

My god I'm glad I'm not the only one! If I stand up too quick, sneeze or cough, the pain makes me cringe! And over the past couple of days I've had the pain I used to get in my right side when ovulating. Took a bleed his morning so was really concerned it was connected but not sure it is.

Will be using my hot water bottle tonight for some relief! smile

WannabeLaraCroft Mon 11-May-15 18:35:03

And yy to the weeing - went to the toilet earlier and while my bladder emptied my ovary screamed! WTF!? Never had any of this when I was pregnant before!

batfish Mon 11-May-15 18:40:55

Yes I get weeing pain too! Have no idea if ovary related as I never felt anything with my ovaries but when my bladder empties sometimes it really hurts! I needed a number 2 earlier but it felt like if I pushed then I might rip something inside! Delightful.

lauraa4 Mon 11-May-15 20:14:26

Yes I've had that too when going for a wee ladies. It's not everytime though so think it's just the muscles having a twitch or something. This pain in my left side has been on and off all day and is now just a very dull ache. glad I'm not the only one!

Purpleball Mon 11-May-15 20:29:20

I've been having this all along. I'm now 21 weeks and had it twice today

CharlArchie86 Wed 13-May-15 09:26:12

I've got this too! I'm 20+3 but it's been going on for a few weeks. It's worse when I turn over in bed or get off the sofa or get out the car. I've started sitting on a plastic bag when I'm driving so I can swivel easily to get out the car! Do support bands help? Sometimes I find myself carrying my bump to help ease the pain!

lauraa4 Wed 13-May-15 09:52:25

Omg is that bad you have to sit on a plastic bag!? Mine seems to have completely stopped all of a sudden which is strange. guess it comes and goes

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Wed 13-May-15 09:57:25

Have you had any surgery for PCOS? Just wanted to check as, if you have had surgery (as I have), you are likely to have scar tissue and adhesions which will be being pulled at too. Actually, even if you haven't had surgery you might have scar tissue and adhesions from cysts as I think they found some existing scar tissue and adhesions during my first operation for ovarian cysts. I was told that there's nothing I need to do about it but it explains why the pain might be more severe. Also, maybe look out for signs of SPD -my physio told me yesterday that my combination of ovarian cysts and surgery probably left me more susceptible to SPD which I now have.

lauraa4 Wed 13-May-15 10:00:48

Hi Lorelai not sure if you were talking to me but I do have PCOS but have not had surgery on my ovaries. Any stabbing pain I do get is always in my ovaries and normally in the left one.

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Thu 14-May-15 16:16:04

Yes, I was just wondering if you'd had surgery! Did they see a cyst on your 20 week scan?

lauraa4 Thu 14-May-15 17:27:13

No I did say to the sonographer that I had some pain In my left ovary but she didn't seem concerned. I don't think she even checked but normally when I've had scans for my ovaries they've had to do an internal and she didn't mention or advise that she wanted me to have one.

It has stopped now and the only discomfort I am getting is the usual 'growing pains'. Was your cyst removal when you were pregnant or just to help with your PCOS?

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