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Megacystis and enlarged bladder

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mcgeads Mon 11-May-15 10:50:24

Hi I am new to this forum and would like to know if anyone has had the same/similar experience as my

self on the above topic.

At 12wks scan they detected an enlarged bladder on our baby, at 15wk scan it was revealed that the baby had fetal ascities and enlarged bladder ( grossly enlarged). At 17wk scan it was revealed that baby had a very rare condition called Megacystis. It was so severe the baby heart and thorax are severly compressed and small and the fluid was also in baby stomach, at this point the AC was measuring 215mm ( which is over 10times the size it should be). At this stage we were told underlying diagnosis is lower urinary tract obstruction ( LUTO), abnormalities are uncompatible with survial and baby would die either in womb, stillborn or early neonatal demise.

We were sent to a specialist for further review and at 19wks ( this week) they performed a AMNIO and drained the bladder of urine ( approx 100ml) and sent this away for testing. It is the most scariesttime of our lives and have no-one to talk to who has gone through this experience, is anyone out there please !!??

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