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It's my due date!!!

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Chickenfillets Mon 11-May-15 07:39:24

I'm finally 40 weeks pregnant today but unfortunately still don't have my baby boy in my arms!! Iv tried everything, hot curry, sex, walking, primrose oil, everything I can think of. Booked in for a sweep tomorrow and praying to god that it works! Anybody got any further tips of what I can do to help? I know people say he will come when he's ready but I'm getting soooo impatient gringrin

strawberrydaquari Mon 11-May-15 07:42:37

Happy due date to you. Sorry I have no tips to speed things up, I went 10-14 days over with all of my dc (probably not what you wanted to hear I know)

applecore0317 Mon 11-May-15 08:16:52

My cousin has told me to get the breast pump out and use it for thirty mins as this is what kicked her off. A friend of mine also advised me to go on youtube and look up Induction massages.

Christelle2207 Mon 11-May-15 08:22:08

Ha! I'm 39+2 and in no rush for this one to arrive, not least because my due date is my birthday.
What worked last time for me was a good walk, though I'm fairly sure he was almost ready to come anyway. Many people swear by the having sex thing, though no way at all I would fancy that. Pineapple and curry tasty but a waste of time!

Chickenfillets Mon 11-May-15 08:32:57

I tried a spicy curry that just made me sweat and feel sick confused iv been eatin pineapple like it's going out of fashion, sex I have tried even though it's so much effort and not really enjoyable! Iv been on walks but suffer with SPD so it's kinda hard.
Not tried the breast pump though so I'll give that a go. Thanks.

WishUponAStar88 Mon 11-May-15 08:35:26

I was advised my a midwife friend to lay off the curry ... unlikely to do anything to hurry labour up and the last thing you need is the curry shits post delivery (sorry tmi haha). Just a warning! Hope your baby arrives soon for you though smile

BreeVDKamp Mon 11-May-15 08:46:43

Eeeek good luck!! I'm due on Thursday but no signs of anything yet. Still got awful acid reflux so I guess baby is not engaged. Assuming I'll go way over ha! Sweep on Friday.

I've heard breast pump is effective too! Give it a go and report back haha smile

Chickenfillets Mon 11-May-15 08:50:25

Bree I still have the worst acid reflux but midwife said on Saturday baby is 2/5 engaged.
Just got the pump out now so will update if anything happens smile

AbbeyRoadCrossing Mon 11-May-15 09:39:52

I was going to say what Wish said. My friend had her heart set on the birth pool but had to get out due to pineapple explosion, so go easy on it. And congratulations on reaching your due date, I've never had a term baby so I'm always insanely jealous of these posts. Hope all goes well

Mangobubbles Mon 11-May-15 12:24:05

If you don't have spd, go up and down the stairs doing side steps. I'm sure it helped my with DC1..... Good luck!

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