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'Normal' back and hip pain or spd?

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Skiptonlass Sun 10-May-15 18:09:46

I'll start off by saying it's a standing joke in my family that I'm not a wimp with pain. I've 'just carried on' with broken arm/fractured skull etc and they (kindly) joke that I'd only see the doc if my head is hanging off.

So, anyway. I'm in my second trimester and experiencing pain. I'd like to ask for your opinions on what spd actually feels like, because people keep mentioning it to me but I'm not sure.

I have a long standing dodgy sacroiliac joint, which has become more painful on one side. I'm having pain in the actual hip sockets/hip bone on the outside when I sit only on one side and at night when I sleep. I've also got this funny pain just above the muff (tmi sorry) that I can only describe as if someone had stuck a nail through my bikini line in the centre and as I walk it scratches where I imagine the bottom of my bladder to be.

I can walk up stairs ok, and I'm not waddling, but I do experience pain turning over at night unless my knees are together. The pain persists even when I'm not moving.

Is this just something more to chalk down to pregnancy and get on with or is it spd starting up? If the latter I'd like to get some physio to prevent and worsening.

I'd be interested in hearing your experiences of spd, how it started and any excercise I can use to try to help.

aletea Sun 10-May-15 18:12:46

Yes it sounds like it. I can't help with exercises I'm afraid as I had it too bad to do them, but the general advice seems to be what you're doing anyway, keep your knees together, don't over do it etc.

Physics can actually manipulate your sacroiliac joint in pregnancy which is disgusting when they do it but helps somewhat. They can also give crutches out and some are licensed to do acupuncture which didn't help me but might help you.

Skiptonlass Sun 10-May-15 19:04:13

Did yours start off like that? I'm just not sure if it's one of those 'suck it up' things or not...

I'll maybe try physio or a belt or something... Sigh. I'm sitting on the sofa now and it's really painful even doing that. I just can't get comfy at all!

I hate to be moany and incapacitated! It's so frustrating...

littleash789 Sun 10-May-15 19:14:25

Definitely sounds like spd. Mine started as low back pain, then sciatica, then the front central pain- felt like being sawed in half up the middle sad
Physio helped a little but I had to finish work early. I found taking the stairs one at a time and sitting up straight or on my birth ball were the only comfortable positions at the end. X

avocadotoast Sun 10-May-15 19:18:00

Definitely go to physio. They can really help with this kind of thing. Even if it's not SPD they'll be able to give you exercises to make it better.

glidingpig Sun 10-May-15 21:29:31

Above-muff pain does sound like it might be SPD. I had it come on suddenly and severely late on in my first pregnancy, was like a steel toecap to the fanny. blush This time much earlier and less dramatic but the same pain in the centre of the pubic bone. Do see physio, they really might be able to help - at the very least they can give you lots of ideas to help avoid aggravating it.

BlueBee Sun 10-May-15 21:55:03

I have SPD, I'm 24 weeks now, I went to physio last week and she suggested sitting and rocking gently on a birthing/exercise ball. And she's given me a huge tubi grip to wear round my bump, now that feels really good! Really supportive. I'd recommend that.

K8eee Sun 10-May-15 22:05:41

I'm 14 weeks with dc2. had awful hip and pelvic pain 1st time round but the mw just ignored me and suggested pain killers, a warm bath and a birthing ball....

on Friday I took myself to an osteopath and thank god I did! found out my hips are out of line still, I have an inflamed sacroiliac joint and the capsule that protects the right hand side of my pelvis is all inflamed. he has worked wonders on me even in these early stages. THE best £40 I've spent in a long while!

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