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Is this labour? Anyone experience this just before labour or am I being paranoid?

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Halleberry Sun 10-May-15 16:33:35

I'm due to go for my ELCS on Thursday but I'm starting to think I could be going into labour. Baby was unusually quiet yesterday but today has been very active. I was in a lot of back pain yesterday but woke up this morning feeling pretty good. Went shopping, came in and sorry for the TMI here but - was sick as a dog and had lots of diarreah. My stomach is very cramping and baby is moving ALOT. It's almost like she is literally trying to push her way out of me. It's been 10 years since I had my son and to be honest I really don't remember much about it or the labour or early signs because my waters just broke and within 2 hours he was born by ECS so it was all so quick. Anyone any experience of diarreah and cramping before labour??

SnotQueen Sun 10-May-15 16:36:12

Could be. Back pain was the first sign of my labour. Of course, I only realised this after the real contractions started.
Also had the runny bum.
Maybe give the midwife a ring to chat it through?

chasingtherainbow Sun 10-May-15 17:55:48

Is baby unusually active? Definitely get checked out.

But yes I'd think your potentially starting good luck!

Halleberry Sun 10-May-15 18:12:02

Definite pains in my stomach at the very bottom and she has calmed down now but was squirming like crazy earlier. I also feel strangely "AWAKE" .... Like eyes wide open not sleepy at all (and I'm usually floored by this time of night). It's just wee niggles right now but definitly feeling them x

Dogsmom Sun 10-May-15 20:11:47

I had a wide awake full of energy day two days before dd arrived.
If she's unusually quiet again though definitely get checked out, it's not just lack of kicks it's change of pattern to look out for.
Diarrhoea and sickness can be your bodies way of having a good clear out ready for labour.

ch1134 Sun 10-May-15 21:27:44

Yes. I was told it's a very common way for labour to start. Good luck if so.

MelanieWiggles Sun 10-May-15 21:35:04

Yes - I had diarrhoea for about 36 hours before going into labour with both DS2 and DS3. I think it's the body's way of making space to push them out ☺️ So you could well be close to labour. Good luck anyway !

AnotherStitchInTime Sun 10-May-15 21:38:05

Yes, both vomiting and diarrhoea in my case. I was in transition. Half an hour later I was 10cm and pushing.

cjfitt89 Sun 10-May-15 21:43:54

All sounds familiar! Good luck smile

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