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Transverse baby

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boatrace30 Sun 10-May-15 16:12:05

Hi, I'm 36 weeks. At all my previous appointment my baby has presented as breech. Over the past week or so I have been convinced it is transverse as I can feel the head, back and bottom across the top of my bump. I'm getting kicks lower down. I have my midwife appointment on Tuesday so will get some confirmation and expect I will be sent for a scan.

However on reading up today I have seen that it is quite common to be hospitalised from 37 weeks if the baby is transverse which has shocked me quite a bit! I was planning on working until 38!

I've looked at some old mumsnet threads but wondered if anyone had more recent experience of this?

aletea Sun 10-May-15 18:15:51

I had a transverse scare. I believe they like to keep you in hospital in case you go into spontaneous labour and they need to csection you immediately. As I understand it there no way a transverse baby is coming out vaginally.

Look at the spinning babies website for exercises to do to turn him, and there's a thing medics can do to turn them but I can't remember the name. Also don't panic as you might be wrong!

PazRaz1975 Sun 10-May-15 19:26:53

I was transverse at 36 weeks, baby had turned by the time I got to the moxibustion appontment at 37weeks.
There was never any talk at all about keeping me in hospital.
If the baby hadn't turned I was offered an EVC at 38 weeks (which I would have done) and if that hadn't worked then a C Section at 39 weeks.
Currently 39+5 and still head down!

cece Sun 10-May-15 19:42:48

I was transverse at mW appointment at 40 plus 2. No hospitalisation but they did want to do a c s the next day. I refused and asked for an evc. they weren't happy but agreed for the following day. by then he had turned head down!

Racheyg Sun 10-May-15 19:50:10

my ds1 was transverse and at my 36 week the midwife has said he turned. waters broke at 38 weeks and after 36 hours of labour they decided that his head had not engaged and I need a emcs.

your midwife will send you for a scan if she is unsure and then they will make a decision whether to turn the baby (evc) or do a csection. Also as previous post say's spinning babies is good. Also try getting down on all fours smile

ChatEnOeuf Sun 10-May-15 19:54:50

I think they offer admission at 37w for transverse lie - risk of an unacceptable arm-first descent is moderately high if your waters go and you labour spontaneously. DD was transverse until 33+w and turned by herself, came rapidly at 37w so I'm glad she turned! I'm now almost 34w and have another sideways baby...starting to get twitchy...

Heleng1982 Sun 10-May-15 19:58:55

I was 39 weeks when at my midwife appointment she told me my ds was transverse. she phoned the hospital and told them I was in my way and I had to go for a scan. It confirmed he was and I was told to return the following day at 8 am for them to turn him. It didn't work so I ended up having to stay in hospital I was lucky though he moved head down on his own and I was sent home after 3 days. They booked me an induction date for when I was 42 weeks as long as I'd not gone into labour before. good luck op my advice if they ask you can they turn baby is don't do it. It was really painful (sorry) and uncomfortable.

boatrace30 Sun 10-May-15 21:54:12

Thanks all, I am fully expecting to be sent for a scan after my appointment on Tuesday, as even if I am wrong about transverse the baby is definitely still breech! Thanks for the advice Heleng - I am already in two minds about an ECV if it is offered. A friend had one recently that didn't work and was painful. But if it avoided a hospital stay I could be tempted.
I'm actually not worried about a c-section, myself and my brother were born by section, so it has always been in my mind that it might happen, it is the hospital stay that bothers me more.

Heleng1982 Sun 10-May-15 22:04:05

I was only allowed home because he turned himself and he was fully engaged. He had to stay head down for 24 hours if he'd kept moving I would of had to stay in hospital till he was born. Have you been told the risks of going into labour and baby been transverse? I wasn't until one of the midwifes who was looking after me in my three day stay.

boatrace30 Sun 10-May-15 22:22:07

Not been told yet but have read up on it. Cord prolapse seems the main issue. Obviously I will do what's recommended and is best for the baby. Just hoping it turns or that I'm wrong. Out of interest Heleng, why didn't they just do a c section if you were 39? Also, had he been breech or head down up until that point?

Heleng1982 Sun 10-May-15 22:42:57

he was head down engaged at most midwife appointments until my 39 week visit. They didn't do a section because I really didn't want one unless baby was in danger. Obviously I would of had one if needed, at the time I didn't no anything about the risks etc. It wasn't until the midwife who looked after me for those 3 days told me. She complained on my behalf because the hospital sent me home after my scan and they should of kept me in instead of asking me to come back in the morning.

nooka Sun 10-May-15 23:07:20

My ds had a transverse lie, but it wasn't picked up until my waters had broken and the hospital were wanting to induce me. Before that everyone that examined me (two midwives, their trainee and two registrars) thought his head was his bum and vice versa. About 10 mins after I had the scan the consultant appeared and ds was born by c-section half an hour later!

I was about two weeks early and had been planning a home birth (was in hospital because of meconium staining)

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