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Consultant appointment moved forward.

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GettaWound Fri 08-May-15 22:36:41

Was told I would have a consultant appt at 22 weeks and it was booked, which worried me enough as with previous 2 I was midwife led. Now I've had a letter moving it forward to 16 weeks and in only 4 days.

being hormonal I'm worried there's a reason for an earlier appt, my notes say high risk women are seen at 22 weeks.

I am maybe over analysing...

2015isgoingtobeBIG Sat 09-May-15 01:14:41

Most likely reason? Consultant decided they want to go on holiday or to a conference but forgot to give the required notice for cancellation of clinics (ie before anyone is booked in) or they gave it but the admin staff didn't out it on the system.

LorryHen Sat 09-May-15 04:44:30

Hi gettawound

My consultant appointment was at 16 weeks too. There was no emergency reason for it just a straight forward appointment x

Loubar Sat 09-May-15 06:17:05

Have they given you a reason as to why you are under consultant care? This could help to provide a reason. If not, ring up and ask the question. They should be able to tell you the reason it has been brought forward.I was under a consultant with my last two babies after suffering a stillbirth at 35 weeks with my first pregnancy. I found the appointments to be nothing but reassuring grin, and the more I had, the happier I felt, as I was more in the know about my babies than I would have been in a low risk pregnancy.

Bells2307 Sat 09-May-15 07:00:13

I'm also consultant led, try not to worry, they've also told me that if everything is going well I'll be passed back to the midwives closer to the birth which I'm happy about ��

flyingsprocket Sat 09-May-15 08:22:23

My first consultant appointment is at about 15 weeks, I'm not quite sure why I'm consultant lead but imho the more care I receive, the better!

YouMakeMyHeartSmile Sat 09-May-15 08:24:09

Have they told you why you'll be consultant led?

GettaWound Sat 09-May-15 10:22:56

Thanks for reassuring me. It's all a bit new and different, plus I'm probably anxious as dd is having so many appointments at the moment.

I'm a bit surprised to have consultant care. Preg one was uneventful, two I had gbs, pprom and birth at 36 weeks and pph of 1000ml. Other guidelines for hospitals none of those would warrant referral. Bit upset as I want mlu birth.

SnozzberryPie Sat 09-May-15 10:31:32

I don't know if this reassures you but my first pregnancy was completely straightforward until I had prom and gave birth at 35 weeks. This time I have a consultant appointment booked for 20 weeks although I will be midwife led apart from that. I asked the midwife about it and she said that it was to do with having a premature birth and that they would just talk about that. She also said I should still be able to have a home birth this time, if I go to term.

FlightofFancy Sat 09-May-15 20:46:20

It may well be the PPH - I was flagged for consultant led because of the same ( it differs by region and local policy I think). If straightforward then it'll probably just be one appointment and referred straight back to midwife led (I'm on first name terms with the consultant, but for different reasons!)

IfYouWereARiverIdLearnToFloat Sun 10-May-15 07:58:04

I have my first consultant appointment at 13 weeks at the same time as my scan then MW at 16 weeks. I'm also seeing endocrinology consultant at 12 weeks & he'll see me every six weeks for review. I'm not sure yet how often I'll need to see the obs consultant though.

GettaWound Wed 13-May-15 12:16:58

worry for nowt!

Very pleasant, agreed no big concerns. Should be able to use the mlu, just will check in at 36 weeks to confirm there's no issues.

scarednoob Wed 13-May-15 12:42:30

sorry to hijack but can anyone explain why it is so much better to be midwife led? is it just that consultant led is seen as high risk so therefore a bit more stressful? thanks!!

GettaWound Wed 13-May-15 12:45:33

for me midwife led= choice of where to give birth. If still consultant led I have to choose the labour ward, which round here is grim, compared to the lovely airy mlu (at the other end of the corridor).

Also it means less appointments which is a plus, and there are in a local clinic where you are seen promptly, whereas consultant means hours and hours of waiting an hospital car park charges (lazy reason I know)

Consultant led here is not a choice, it's for those with risk factors only.

MissTwister Wed 13-May-15 15:13:51

My consultant appointment was 1hr 15 late today. I had the first appt of the day - how is that even possible!!

SnozzberryPie Wed 13-May-15 17:13:45

I'm hoping to be midwife led because I prefer to have the person I have got to know through my pregnancy, and who knows me, in charge of my care. The consultants I saw last time tended to swan into the room, read my notes, then make a pronouncement about what needed to be done.

Great news getta!

GettaWound Wed 13-May-15 18:57:59

Mine was first and over an hour late!

She was very nice though, not aloof at all and respectful.

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