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TTC baby #1 advice needed.

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Coley134 Thu 07-May-15 20:02:37


We are ttc our first child I took my last pill (cerazette) a week ago and we started trying straight away. I had my withdrawal bleed 5 days later and there's no sign of a period as yet just some cramps.

My husband is in the army but has just found out he has to go away for 5 weeks so we only have the next 2 weeks to continue trying before he goes meaning only 4 weeks of trying since I stopped my pill.

What are the chances I could be lucky and get bfp? Him going away couldn't of happened at a worse time.

Kay x

Roseybee10 Thu 07-May-15 22:51:03

It could take a while for ovulation to kick in or it could happen right away.
It's hard to tell when you'll ovulate as this will be your first natural cycle in a while.
In a natural cycle you're likely to ovulate around 2 weeks after your period. I would count your withdrawal bleed as a period as you won't get another period until around two weeks after you ovulate.

Basically I would hazard a guess you'll be fertile around 10 days after your period until 20 days after your period but because you're not sure of the length of your cycle yet it's hard to tell.

Best plan is to do the deed every 2-3 days until hubby goes away. That should cover your fertile time even if you're not sure when it definitely is.

If you're desperate to conceive this cycle then you could always try ovulation sticks to help you pinpoint when you're fertile.

Hope that makes sense. It can be really confusing. X

Coley134 Fri 08-May-15 05:07:23

Thanks Roseybee.

It's really hard to tell when you've stopped and had no period so I think I'll definately get some ovulation kits and see if we can work it out that way.

We will be continuing to try before he goes away and keeping our fingers crossed. I will lose out on maternity pay if we have no success in the next 6 months as we are due to move so that's one of the downsides of not conceiving in the near future x

LorryHen Fri 08-May-15 08:09:26

I was on cerazette and came off it last June, now I'm 16 weeks pregnant.

It did take 6 months, which isn't really long, but cerazette screwed up my periods until I conceived. I was having 34-45 day cycles up until December and in January somehow it returned to 28 days and happened.

Don't worry too much if it doesn't happen straight away.

pinkie1982 Sat 09-May-15 09:01:44

I was on another pill for 16 years. No break. I stopped at the end of my packet, had a normal withdrawal bleed. 30 days later I had my first period and then 30 days after that I had a positive test. So it happened in 6 weeks. Extremely fast! My partner was working away mon-fri at the time too. We were lucky, we had expected it to take at least a year or so, so it was a bit of a shock!
We now have 9 weeks until due date.
I did use ovia fertility tracker to see when I might have been ovulating and my body clock was in time with this straight away

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