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almost 37 weeks high bp will i be induced?

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Holden10 Thu 07-May-15 15:45:44

I have been told this week my BP is starting to go up - 140/95 was highest reading compared to 110/70 at booking. Had no protein in urine but for a while now been feeling really heady and ill, sick and tired and not sure I can cope any longer.

My question is if my BP continues to go up or stays high then would they induce me? I'm feeling really ill so would this factor in to their decision making process?

I just can't cope anymore

AuntieStella Fri 08-May-15 12:03:13


Yes, induction is a possibility if the second number of your blood pressure stays over 90. You should be very closely monitored from now on, and possibly you will need to be admitted for this. Make sure you tell your MWs every symptom that's making you feel so ill.

It might help if you ask at next appointment what are the key indicators for recommending induction in your circumstances, and why they are the important ones.

AmandaTanen Fri 08-May-15 12:08:00

You will probably be admitted for monitoring, if it doesn't improve you maybe induced.

You may get given some medication to help lower your blood pressure, probably labetalol.

Hope all goes well.

HotFudge87 Fri 08-May-15 18:34:56

My booking in bp was 90/60. At week 37 it jumped to 120/80. Not high in any means but was high for me so got referred. I kept getting sent to hospital and day before I was due it was at 149/120 and got induced ony due date. Plus side..... Apparently ppl with high bp have quicker labours.... Mine was 35 mins! Did have to have meds to bring it down after birth. Bit yes, do expect them to possibly induce you x

BlinkAndMiss Fri 08-May-15 20:25:10

I'm in the same position - BP is around 130/95 most days when it was similar to yours at booking in. I've been in hospital being monitored today, and actually no they won't necessarily induce you unless it leads to pre-eclampsia. What they will do first of all is monitor you each day, either through the tele monitor scheme or by you having to visit hospital each/every other day to be observed. BP is affected by so many different factors and mine just went down from being laid in a quiet room during observation then as soon as I do anything it goes up.

At 140/90 it is only classed as mildly high, at 150/100 it's moderate which is when they would consider medication, once it goes over 160 it's severe and they would induce if medication either wasn't an option or wasn't working. I asked about this a lot because I too am completely fed up of feeling like rubbish and unable to do anything which requires energy. They are only interested in induction after 39 weeks.

What measures have you taken to address your BP so far? Being off work on the sick has certainly helped me and also taking warm baths on a night to help me unwind seems to be having an effect, but with a toddler around every day it certainly isn't possible to rest as much as the hospital would like.

Holden10 Sun 10-May-15 18:19:22

Thanks for replies. I feel nauseous constantly, tired, headaches, short of breath from the slightest bit of exertion and my home bp monitor is showing readings of 150/100. I'm seeing mw again in the morning. Bit concerned as mum and grandma had pre eclampsia so worried I'm developing it.

I'm off work now so just taking it easy hoping it comes back down. I'm 37+1 and just can't be like this anymore. Pity party much!

LBOCS Sun 10-May-15 18:25:45

My BP started creeping up at 37 weeks. They kept me in overnight one night to monitor, I was back and forwards to the hospital the following week and I was induced at 38+4 after lots of monitoring and a 24hr urine test which showed significant protein in my urine.

The guideline for preeclampsia recommends induction if it is present after 37 weeks, I understand. I thought I was just being monitored on the last day but was then told to go home and get my maternity bag.

And fwiw, my induction went well (spontaneous rupture of membranes following pessary, went naturally into established labour, unassisted delivery after 12hrs). So it's not necessarily all bad even if it does happen earlier than expected. The thing I was most annoyed about was missing out on lots of 'getting ready' time I assumed I had before the baby came!

Aley009 Sun 10-May-15 20:36:20

My bp started creeping at about 34 weeks I was seen weekly by the midwife and got sent to the hosp with similar readings to yours often. It would Settle but it was still scary , one day I was in hospital for hours and hours being monitored &I ended up with a sweep at 37 weeks, that didn't work though, there was slight talk of inducing me but they didn't it's a good job too as baby was breach. I don't think they will induce without more signs of preeclampsia, i would speak to your midwife they may do it differently where you live

Shootingstar2289 Sun 10-May-15 20:44:24

No, not neccesarily. I had high bp towards the end of my first pregnancy (about 38/39 weeks if think). I went down to be monitored for a few hours, was sent home and my bp was checked every single day afterwards. I was booked into be induced 10 days after my due date as son didn't want to come out.

I was told BP can go up if you're near to going in labour!

Good luck smile

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