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Scan results appeared to show no tummy growth in two weeks

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wowiesis111 Thu 07-May-15 15:34:54

I've been having growth scans due to having an over due yet small baby first time around.
They didn't realise he was small until a few weeks before he was born and measured fine throughout.

This time been having regular growth scans and all has been ok until yesterday's scan.
Measurements had increased except for tummy measurement. I'm not due to see the consultant till end of the month when I'll be 35/36 weeks so whilst at the hospital they sent me to the day assessment unit who said I'll be called in to see consultant early next week. ( no consultant available at the time )
Thing is often these estimations of weights etc are really wrong yet make us worry. ( first time around I was told I was having a big baby only two weeks later told he was small )
When she was scanning me the baby was in a weird position so she said she would have to 'come back to the tummy measurement' which she did. I know they do three measurements of the same area and take the average so I'm thinking perhaps one of the measurements she took perhaps wasn't quite right meaning it too the average down.
Told me to keep eye on movements etc and tbh I'm trying not to worry but can't help it . They have said that his overal weight had increased ' according to their gestimations etc'. But again this must be based on a 'chart of averages somewhere'.
I've now got to wait until Tues/wed next week to see someone to measure blood flow through the placenta.
That's 5 days of worry.
Anyone else had similar?

BifsWif Thu 07-May-15 17:20:52

Please try not too worry, like you say these growth scans can be so inaccurate. If they had any concerns im sure they wouldn't leave you until next week.

I had growth scans because apparently I'm having a huge baby, although nobody can quite agree on how big! Try and relax, I'm sure everything is fine smile

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