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Help, Fleas!!

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dancinglorna1984 Wed 06-May-15 19:43:46

I am 27+5 and after me having a few bites (which I thought were flea bites) we have just discovered that we have definitely got fleas in the house from the cat.. Not sure what to do as most of the things that get rid of the fleas are full of chemicals but I am also really uncomfortable as I keep getting bitten combined with my evil heartburn... Any advice much appreciated smile

MistressKatherine Wed 06-May-15 19:51:19

Get your cat to the vets. This happened to us a few years ago and our cat was given a wonder tablet which sorted it out. No need for chemicals. Fleas sought the cat out and died as soon as they landed on him. Got rid of them all. Make sure you get frontline afterwards and apply it regularly though otherwise they will come back. Good luck!

dancinglorna1984 Wed 06-May-15 19:56:56

We have been doing the flea treatments regularly so I am not sure how he has managed to get them confused

bigchangesabound Wed 06-May-15 20:02:57

Hi there,

I've recently had fleas, was 15 weeks (currently 18) and been bitten quite badly- ankles! Cats got them from the cattery!!! Anyway they are a bugger to get rid of! (got another bite yesterday!). I used a 'Bob Martin spray' bought from Tesco that I sprayed everywhere- sofa, carpets, soft furnishings... Wash all bedding and towels at 60 or above and of course get stuff for the cat and wash all its bedding too! While spraying I basically held my breath for as long as I could, then ran out the room! (probably not recommended but DH was away!)

Turns out the bloody things were in the car (escaped on the drive back from cattery!) Used same spray in the car, again holding breath and then shut all doors. Did this a number of times to get rid of them all.

For yourself, you can apply insect repellant that has deet in it- it is safe for pregnant women according to the tube (boots brand).

In terms of soothing the bites- try not to scratch! (easier said than done!) Apply ice pack/cool flannel to area, it calms the redness and itchiness down. I also used Germolene- has small amount of anaesthetic in it and sudocream- helped with the itchiness.

They are awful, take a lot of effort to get rid of and itch like mad! I understand your pain!

Hope this helps.

bakingtins Wed 06-May-15 20:07:00

Sorry missK I disagree (and I am a vet). At least 90% of a flea infestation is in the environment, it will take months to get rid of them if you only treat the cat. and they are not just noting the cat, are they?
So, go to the vet and get either advantage or advocate spot on for the cat, or comfortis tablets, plus a worming tablet to cover tapeworms, plus a spray for the house that contains permethrin and Smethoprene (acclaim, indorex, Nuvan staykill, RIP flea - all basically the same thing)
Get your DH/DP to do the spraying, go out if it makes you feel better and ventilate the rooms before returning. There is a life stage called a pupa which is pretty invulnerable to any treatment, like a caterpillar in a chrysalis. You want as many as possible of the pupae to hatch before you spray, and they like warmth, humidity and vibration, so heating on, bowl of water on the radiator, Hoover first, then spray. Treat the whole house, concentrate round skirting boards and under heavy furniture that is not normally moved. Get your partner to hoover daily for several days. All bedding on a hot wash but don't spray it.

Continue to treat the cat monthly with one of the products mentioned not with frontline which is useless but you don't need to re-treat the house, the spray lasts a year (only the insect growth regulator Smethoprene which prevents the fleas developing to the next stage in their cycle). With the best will in the world you will have a few pupae survive but when they hatch either the short acting permethrin in the environment, or the treatment on the cat, will kill them off without them surviving to breed.

bakingtins Wed 06-May-15 20:08:05

Noting = biting

avocadotoast Wed 06-May-15 20:14:36

Get your cat treated and get a professional in.

We moved into a house last year that had fleas (we don't have pets so they didn't come with us!). I got bitten everywhere and we ended up getting a professional in. He had to come twice and it cost us £120 but it was worth it for my sanity.

Really feel for you OP. Can't imagine the misery of being pregnant and bitten sad

applecore0317 Wed 06-May-15 20:15:34

What flea stuff have you been using on the cat? I used bob martins once and regretted it when my cat got bad fleas, also my vet said that front line doesn't work as well anymore so we have had to switch to Advantage spot on.

My brother had a flea infestation and you could see them all over the house, he paid for the council to come out and get rid. You could do that if you have an infestation and stay with family for a couple of days if you are worried.

In our case the vet said to treat where she had been sleeping and we had no further problems.

I've been bitten a fair bit over the last week, my cats don't have fleas and I was the only one bitten, put it down to being out in the garden.

MistressKatherine Wed 06-May-15 21:12:03

Was only saying what worked for us bakingtins. Didn't say I was an expert on the topic.

Hope you get it sorted soon OP. It's horrible to have them around.

dancinglorna1984 Wed 06-May-15 21:32:12

Thank you all, we are going to get the cat to the vets tomorrow and go from there. I think I need to get something to ease the itching though as it is driving me insane ...

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