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Seven Sea's pregnancy vitamins

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Glindathegoodwitch Wed 06-May-15 08:53:44

Does anyone have any reviews on Seven Sea's pregnancy tablets? I am 5 weeks and had stopped taking conception vitamins (Well woman conception) as I thought I had given up trying to conceive. I continued with folic acid so am now moving onto pregnancy vitamins.

The honest reasons that I bought seven seas is because it was all they had in Asda this morning.. Any opinions would be much appreciated before I open the package and start again.

If anyone has any better suggestions, would also value that!

Thank you flowers

applecore0317 Wed 06-May-15 09:14:16

For me it was trial and error. The first pregnancy vitamins I tried had too much Iron in them and made feel like crap.

Then I tried pregnacare which made me sick and now take Sanatogen Mum to be which have lower Iron and made me feel fine. Although I just took folic acid with vitmain D up until 12 weeks and then moved onto the multi vitamins.

What suits one person might not suit you.

K8eee Wed 06-May-15 10:27:58

I'm taking seven seas, and most pg vits make me sick, but the mw advised to take them with food. as pp says, what works for one might not work for another. don't buy loads just a months worth or less if you can so you don't feel like you're wasting money. oh and congratulations wink

Glindathegoodwitch Wed 06-May-15 10:49:56

Thanks both, I guess you are right. I will give them a whirl, just wanted to check for any horror stories beforehand! I did buy three months worth in Asda, but it was practically a buy one and get 2 free deal so not too harsh on my purse. I will give them a whirl and see how I get on. Thanks for the advice, and congratulations to you both!

Bumpingalong84 Wed 06-May-15 12:40:14

Hi, just thought I'd add I am 11+4 and have been taking them since I found out at 4 weeks and mw was happy enough with them, they seem to suit me. congratulation flowers

Bumpingalong84 Wed 06-May-15 12:41:41

Ohh and just to add, I chose them after reading labels carefully and liked the fact they had added ginger, thought it might help with nausea! I am still nauseous tho unfortunately but hey not vomiting so I'm happy about that smile

SmileyScooby Wed 06-May-15 12:54:06

Hi Glinda
I am now 39w and still taking them. I took the preconception and early pregnancy pack as like yourself they were in offer, then when finished the load of them I'd bought I moved to the pregnancy ones and have had no side effects, no morning sickness (generally been very lucky only suffered with heartburn and constipation on and off really). The great thing is that they are often on offer as well grin

SmileyScooby Wed 06-May-15 12:55:52

Oh and I've been taking them everyday when I have had my breakfast (I just found it easy to stick with that as I was used to taking the pill everyday so kept with my routine)

Bogwoppit22 Wed 06-May-15 15:58:37

I took seven seas ones right thorough 1st and 2nd trimester. Used to take at night before bed. Never had any problems with them. Have moved on to pregnarecare max with omega 3 for 3rd tri, and am taking the vitamins as soon as i remember after my dinner, no issues with that so far either.

Glindathegoodwitch Wed 06-May-15 16:10:01

Sound good all around then! I hope I get on well with them as lots of you seem to be smile

Congratulations to you also bumpingalong & good luck with your scan which must be fast approaching!

And all the best with your pending deliveries SmileyScooby & bogwoppit you must be so excited if not a little nervous!!

flowers flowers flowers

tattyteddy Wed 06-May-15 19:27:15

Found the thread, some of these multivitamins may suit me better top xx

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