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Anyone else still not telling after scan?

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AbbeyRoadCrossing Tue 05-May-15 19:03:25

Just wondered if there's any of you out there smile
I'm almost 15 weeks and haven't told hardly anyone yet, apart from DH and a couple of friends.
My reasons: I don't like a fuss mainly and found all the attention a bit much when pregnant with DS. I'd also like to see all is ok at the 20 week scan first, although my belly might out me by then!

Bogal Tue 05-May-15 19:16:29

For one reason or another I've been very cagey about this pregnancy - close friends knew straight away (they guessed as it was Christmas and I wasn't drinking), parents at 15 weeks and my boss at 20 by email .

I think it's perfectly fine to tell people when you want to rather than when you feel you ought to. The attention is a bit weird isn't it!

Bogal Tue 05-May-15 19:16:58

oh, and congratulations btw smile flowers

MissTwister Tue 05-May-15 19:18:14

I hated people knowing until 20 week scan. I did tell people but felt like I wanted no fuss. After that though I suddenly felt much better about telling the world - like it was real then!

Snowflake15 Tue 05-May-15 19:21:11

I'm in a similar situation although this will be DC1 and I'm still pretty small at 20 weeks. I only told the friends I wanted to, about 4 and mum dad and sisters, I also don't like fuss and find it tiring having to talk about how I'm so excited all the time... Although now I am starting to look forward to revealing to everyone as it is getting harder to hide smile

Just go with whatever you feel comfortable with, I'm telling after 20 week scan tomorrow but could probably wait longer

Doggygirl Tue 05-May-15 19:21:54

I had multiple miscarriages so did not feel happy telling anyone I was pregnant with ds.

I told my parents and in laws early on, but didn't tell anyone else until I had a bump and guessed I was pregnant.

Some people didn't know until the baby was born.

sophiaslullaby Tue 05-May-15 19:39:58

Yes me! I'm 14+1. Thought i was being anti-social. One of my closest friends (who does know) is pushing me to tell people and im finding it hard to explain to her that i dont want to tell people (im married and its a wanted and planned DC so hard for her to understand..)
I know why though -i hate attention, im suddenly very irritable & grumpy so no i can't jump for joy with everyone and im tired of talking about it. Im just a bit of a grumpy grotbag and want to hole away with bump.
Its like i've gone all protective and private -my baby, not theirs!

My Mum told me it's ok and to calm down -people are allowed to be excited for me and they mean no harm! But to do what i want an tell when i want.

AbbeyRoadCrossing Tue 05-May-15 19:45:06

I'm glad I'm not the only one! Congratulations to all flowers
I had placenta praevia identified at 20 weeks last time and although it's not the worst news it's not the best either as DS was premature and emcs. Another reason I'm a bit cagey as I know my family will panic about it after last time. I'd love to be able to tell them it's all fine when I announce.
I've got a small bump but also a small age gap so I think people assume it's baby weight...which it is, but from a different baby!

50degreesintheshade Tue 05-May-15 20:03:44

I did not tell anyone before my 20 week scan and now at 24 weeks only people who see me know ( as the bump is too obvious!) after having a complete molar pregnancy and going through chemo I am only just starting to accept that I am pregnant! I can't imagine doing a big announcement or even worse putting it on Facebook.

LorryHen Wed 06-May-15 06:57:58

I think it's totally fine to tell people after the 20 week point.

I'm 15+ 4 and my parents and DPs parents know and that's it. I told my parents at 15 weeks and they said they totally understand as there's a lot of pressure when you have a baby and they did the same thing.

Congrats! X

heatherxo Wed 06-May-15 08:17:16

I'm 30 weeks, the family know, work know and that's all that matters.
I'm huge now, and its blaringly obvious but I wouldn't say I had many friends anyway and a few of them have known for a while.
My family keep expecting me to post it on facebook (everyone in our area usually does, plus I'm 19- so everyone expects everything to be broadcasted) but I just don't see the point.
Must say a few people who I maybe haven't seen in a while do get a shock when they see me now haha

Skeppers Wed 06-May-15 09:07:08

I told my manager at work before I told anyone (apart from DH!), for logistic reasons- getting time off for appointments, etc.

I love my family to bits, but this is first grandchild and nephew, so knew that they would all go absolutely INSANE so wanted to stall the madness for as long as possible! Told parents/siblings at 17 weeks (they still went crazy) and wider friends, etc. at around 22 weeks.

Like you, I don't like being the centre of attention- I can totally relate to what sophiaslullaby says about becoming a grouch and wanting to just go to ground with MY BABY- so I don't go around 'announcing' to anyone else, unless they ask and, to be fair, it's getting pretty obvious now! I've told a couple of colleagues at work and am hoping that the rumour mill does its job and spreads the word so I don't have to have awkward conversations with people. I don't know, I feel a bit 'me me me' announcing it to all and sundry, like they even care!

loveandsmiles Wed 06-May-15 11:48:43

I am 26 weeks. Told 5DCs after 20 week scan and they have broadcast it to school friends and anyone else that will listengrin. I never get very big in pregnancy so it's not hugely noticeable - a few school mums have asked me outright if what DC told their DC is true, others just giving me strange looks!!

A good friend lives abroad and miscarried last year and desperately wants another baby - I can't bring myself to tell her my news and the longer I leave it the harder it gets - don't know what to do. Another friend is expecting her first and her mum said its more special than my sixth(!?) so maybe don't mention it yet and let her enjoy being fussed over!! Again, don't really know how to mention it now...

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