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Maternity clothes - the next big step

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Bogal Tue 05-May-15 17:19:08

I'm 23 weeks and have quite a bump already. I've gotten along so far with just buying clothes in a bigger size than normal but have finally conceded and bought some proper maternity clothes (all online I might add - nothing in the shops!)

So deliveries all arrived today and now I have a chair full of newly opened maternity clothes which I am completely freaking out about. I've had 2mmc's so this is pregnancy number 3 - I have been majorly superstitious all the way through this pregnancy, not wanting to do anything to jinx it.

Spending a months disposable income now feels massively presumptuous - I keep wondering what I'm going to do with it all if something goes wrong. I wish I could return the lot and spend the next 4 months in my dressing gown sad

I realise this is ridiculous - can someone give me a shake and tell me to stop being silly?

New30 Tue 05-May-15 17:23:27

23 weeks is a good way to get to without needing maternity clothes.
I say embrace the bump and enjoy wearing your new clothes.
Good luck for the remainder of your pregnancy x

villainousbroodmare Tue 05-May-15 17:28:30

Shake shake! grin
Try them on and see what you like. You mightn't like everything so some of your guilt may be assuaged by returning what doesn't suit.
Where did you order from and what have you got? Really, enjoy it!

Bogal Tue 05-May-15 18:29:31

New30 held out for as long as I could!!
thanks for the shake villainous smile just had a chat with DH and feel a little better - although clothes are still on the chair I am now contemplating putting them away wink

The only place near me that sells mat clothes is New Look but there selection is terrible! I went for a couple of bits from ASOS, and the rest from Next / Debenhams so that I could return in store if they didn't fit (everything fits!)

sophiaslullaby Tue 05-May-15 19:30:05

Don't think of them as maternity clothes then. They're pecially designed clothes to fit your new body shape. Much as people have to go buy new clothes if they put on or loose weight.
You're not jinxing anyhthing, just buying suitable attire to make you feel more comfortable and more than likely mentally feel better.
Smile and enjoy :-)

frangipani13 Wed 06-May-15 06:58:11

Embrace your bump. I'm loving dressing up in my new maternity clothes, I rarely buy myself new stuff and it will be all about the baby soon. You're over the halfway mark now, you'll feel fab in extra room and comfort mat clothes provide. Xx

Doublethecuddles Wed 06-May-15 08:18:08

Enjoy your new wardrobe. You can't go out in a dressing gown! Or worse trousers held together with elastic bands! You will still wear the clothes after the baby is born until you get your shape back.


Bogal Wed 06-May-15 11:58:31

Thanks all for your support - I feel like the more I invest (emotionally/financially) in this pregnancy the worse it'll be if something goes wrong again - silly I know! blush Clothes are still on the chair albeit they're now neatly folded and I'm wearing a few of them today - they are so much more comfortable - I wish normal trousers came with waistbands like these!

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