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HotFudge87 Tue 05-May-15 16:33:39

So I'm on day 32 of my cycle, and not entirely sure of its normal length.
For past couple of days I've been feeling warmer, getting headaches, have a head cold, feeling tired (but maybe due to cold or parents visiting??) And having very mild cramps like AF is coming but nothing, but also unsure if because its on my mind I'm intensifying it??? Did a hpt yesterday afternoon (Morrison's brand, hubby is tight!) And was negative. What are your thoughts? How long should I wait before I retest?
Thanks x

Hotpotpie Tue 05-May-15 19:37:14

I had a metallic taste, everything felt weird down below, like bubbles popping at first it was mad, tired, my wee went dark straight away and I just had a feeling.I didn't really get tender boobs at all - I used tescos and asdas own with pretty much no result, first response gave me my first positive, that was day after period was due, the others caught up when I was two weeks late. Hope that helps

Hippymama1 Tue 05-May-15 20:00:41

Hotfudge Could be symptoms - I had hot flushes, headache, headcold symptoms etc... The problem is that they can be PMT symptoms too! I tested positive a week after my period was due, although I didn't know it was due at the time as I had just come off of the pill and everything was all over the place. It was a really strong positive and I then did a clearblue digital to make sure - I think they are one of the most accurate tests although a bit more pricey. Maybe wait a couple more days and if nothing, try again?

HotFudge87 Wed 06-May-15 06:41:07

Shall wait til tomorrow morning I think. Got a few more twinging crampy things last night. Hubby reckons as it was negative other day it means I'm def not pregnant. Don't think he quite understands..... But he's prob right ha ha! X

ejclementine Wed 06-May-15 06:58:54

I got a negative at first because it was too soon. Make sure you test with your first morning wee. Good luck!

scarednoob Wed 06-May-15 08:36:55

I got 3 negatives before a BFP. Sore boobs and AF cramps. But no AF. So you just need to wait it out for a couple more days! Also try a "first response", they are more sensitive.

Good luck!

HotFudge87 Wed 06-May-15 13:40:34

Thanks smile
I'd never considered having another baby. We have a 2yo, I'm due to start nursing this September (I was supposed to start in 2012 and found out I was expecting dd!)dh has said I need to stop applying for uni if I am!
My cycle before dd was 42 days. I say its got shorter as it seems to come around more often and this time its like I'm waiting for it.... Perhaps its just my poo calculations! I had my usual achy boobs before AF week and half ago. Oh well! X

HotFudge87 Thu 07-May-15 06:37:01

Well its a positive!
I need to stop applying for uni!
Very mixed emotions right now x

Fugghetaboutit Thu 07-May-15 06:55:14

Congrats, I thought it would be as it was very similar symptoms that I had. I was meant to do my masters but have had to put it off too. We'll get there! X

mrschatty Thu 07-May-15 07:02:26

Congratulations hotfudge!
I had my first BFP on Tuesday and had all the same symptoms. I was 2 days late hired no usual AF pains just light pulling boobs didn't get sore till closer to AF date and one day of spotting. How exciting! I'm due 12th Jan fingers crossed for us both xx

HotFudge87 Thu 07-May-15 12:09:52

Congrats mrschatty! Now I can smell my new bamboo chopping board without feeling really silly, just silly ha ha! According to internet my due date is 9th Jan smile off to town to get a clear blue just to make sure as the line was feint this morning smile x

HotFudge87 Thu 07-May-15 12:12:34

I'm so surprised how similar my symptoms are to my last pregnancy, just a little tired, slight achy boobs and slight cramping but I get that during ovulation anyway then just before AF which is why I couldn't believe it was a possibility. Although the heartburn has already started sad just wish this cold would do one! X

mrschatty Thu 07-May-15 12:24:47

Aw how exciting we can compare notes xx

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