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Bladder issues - sorry!

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ThreeBeanRap Tue 05-May-15 12:34:14

I am 10w today and am really struggling to fully empty my bladder. When I go for a wee it's like normal but then I have to sit there for another few minutes while small trickles come out at random intervals. Anyone else had this or is it just me?!

I am quite prone to cystitis and feel like it might be coming on again (second time so far this pregnancy which is driving me mad) and am also feeling like I may be getting disaster area in general! Could any or all of these issues be connected?

seriouslynonames Tue 05-May-15 13:32:23

I'm having bladder issues too!
Have often felt similar to what you describe and am now 18 weeks. But this last week it has become ridiculous - feel like I need to wee all the time even when I have just been, and sometimes can hardly get anything out.
I have now had 3 urine samples dip-stick tested and the first two came back clear. As I had no fever or stinging/burning the doc said no sign of infection.
But today my sample came back positive on the dip stick so I have some antibiotics. I still don't have stinging, fever, pain etc, just a bit of aching and twinges, and I was convinced after two negative tests that it was just my growing uterus, my prolapsed vag wall (post-DC1) and constipation all putting pressure on my bladder.
so although I don't really want to take antibiotics it is good to have something I can do about this that might help.

Not sure how helpful I'm being - but it sounds like from your history it might be the start of an infection, but I have also had similar symptoms to what you describe, throughout my pregnancy so far - sometimes I can wee fine, other times I really struggle to get anything out without tilting left and right back and front. But it has all been without infection until now.

Try drinking loads of water - no tea, no squash etc, just water and if no improvement go to docs and get checked out. hope things improve for you

MummyPiggy87 Tue 05-May-15 14:14:36

I'm also 10w and know what you mean, after I've been to the loo I sit back down on the sofa, then need to go back and do a tiny bit more! Bizarre!

ThreeBeanRap Tue 05-May-15 14:17:58

Thanks seriously, I was beginning to think it was just me!! Have you had to go to the GP each time to have it tested or have you been able to just leave a sample? I really can't keep taking time off work but I live an hour away from the office and can't get an appointment that doesn't mean me missing time at work. It's really getting me down. DH and I have only dtd 3 times since I found out I was pregnant (partly because of this) and twice I have ended up ill! I can't carry on like this.

I'm going to try to go to a walk in centre after work today. It worries me leaving it any longer as I know it can increase mc risk and I'm obviously still in the early stages.

ThreeBeanRap Tue 05-May-15 14:19:14

Mummypiggy it's so odd isn't it - the joys of pregnancy!

misssmilla1 Tue 05-May-15 14:37:18

I read advice on here to rock gently back and forwards whilst on the loo to empty your bladder totally, it does work!

seriouslynonames Tue 05-May-15 14:40:46

I went to see the Doc when on holiday in Europe (negative) to out of hours GP at the weekend when I got home (negative), and then normal GP today (positive). I happen to have a couple of days off work so was ok for me this time. I also work p/t so would usually try to leave it for one of my non-working days but that means I have to take DC1 with me which is always a nightmare as not the most patient / obedient child at the moment!

or I try to work from home for the day if I know I need to go to GP - is that a possibility for you?

You might just need to take the time off work anyway - your work will understand once you tell them you're pregnant.

I guess a walk-in GP would be fine too - they could certainly test your urine, but my recollection (from a good few years ago now) was that when I needed a prescription (for something else) the walk-in place told me to go to my own GP to get the prescription... so not that helpful.

I think.... you might be able to buy the dipsticks on amazon so you could test at home and then only go to GP if it shows something. But not sure I'd recommend this as the GP may make a judgement based on all symptoms, not just dipstick, about whether to treat you or not or about whether to send a sample off.

Sorry not more helpful!

ThreeBeanRap Tue 05-May-15 14:53:50

missmilla I have been trying that and it helps somewhat, it just feels wrong that it's not happening naturally, and I'm having to force it, like there's a problem. Just wondered if this was a 'normal' symptom of pregnancy or something to be concerned about.

seriously I'm not keen to tell work til 12 weeks, although if I have to I will, but have already had time off for an early scan (due to spotting), a GP appointment, and have got my booking appointment coming up and should have my scan soon, so it's already a lot of time and they don't know yet. Once I've told them it will be easier but I'd rather not take more time if I can avoid it til after the 12 week scan.

Might be worth getting hold of some of those dipsticks actually even just to reassure myself when it's only mild. The thing is this UTI (if it is one) definitely feels mild, I wouldn't even bother going to the doctor if I wasn't pregnant, but I worry that I'll cause issues by leaving it.

Hippymama1 Tue 05-May-15 16:14:22

Not sure this will be helpful but I've not felt like I've done a good satisfying wee for ages and I'm 31 weeks now!wink

I think it's just a pregnancy symptom. Unless you have any burning etc or other pain /symptoms in your urine test the only thing I have found helpful is to drink lots and lean forward when peeing to squeeze as much out as possible.

I did have respite in the second trimester so that's something to look forward to but now I'm in the third, my baby is getting heavy and has his massive head on my bladder all the time so back to peeing 5ml every 45 mins for me!

Hope you feel better soon flowers

sianihedgehog Tue 05-May-15 16:29:32

Yep. I checked with the midwife as I had previously had bladder problems and apparently this is just part of the miracle of pregnancy. It got better when the uterus moved up out of my pelvis, but it is recurring a bit now when baby kicks me in the bladder!

ThreeBeanRap Tue 05-May-15 17:07:52

Thanks all, it makes me feel better to know it's not just me. Will go to the walk in this eve anyway to be checked for a UTI but hopefully the rest of it is just the baby squishing my bladder.

ThreeBeanRap Wed 06-May-15 10:07:55

As I thought, it is cystitis again, for the second time in a month. Had to wait 2 hours at the walk in centre yesterday and by then the pharmacy was shut, it wasn't open this morning in time for me to go either so will have to go in my lunch break. It's massively getting me down, I can't keep going through this every time DH and I have sex. Don't know what to do.

Hippymama1 Wed 06-May-15 10:34:55

You poor thing... sad Did they give you any advice about ways to try to prevent it? The only things I know of are to drink loads and to go to the loo straight after sex as this flushes out anything that might have got in while you were DTD... I am sure you know this already though and someone will come along and post some better advice... I hope you are soon feeling better.

ThreeBeanRap Wed 06-May-15 11:19:22

Thanks hippy, yes I always always wee after sex, always wipe front to back, wear cotton underwear, take antibiotics properly and finish the course, empty bladder fully, don't wait to go to the loo, etc etc. I try to do everything they recommend but nothing seems to prevent it happening. There must be something they can do, otherwise I think I will end up celibate, it has been going on for years now but pregnancy seems to have made it worse sad thanks for your sympathy though, it's about the only thing that helps! flowers

Snowflake15 Wed 06-May-15 13:27:53

I had a period of recurrent cystitis after sex, I think as well as all the good things you're doing drink absolutely loads of water. I think mine just stopped randomly thoughsad

I have also been finding during pregnancy that I feel like I need to wee badly and only a trickle comes out, I think it might be bladder getting squished in there

seriouslynonames Wed 06-May-15 14:18:37

sorry to hear you had cystitis confirmed, very frustrating.
I don't really have any advice for recurrent cystitis but I'm sure there must be previous threads on this that might help.
I guess first thing would be to discuss with your normal GP or midwife, if they are supportive and helpful, once you have told work and can take a bit of time off for an appointment - there may be other preventative measures etc you can take.
good luck..

ThreeBeanRap Wed 06-May-15 14:22:36

Thanks snowflake. I think I drink enough water generally but I know dehydration can make it worse so will try to up it, maybe I need to keep a conscious eye on how much I have. I reckon I've drunk 3 x 50cl bottles of water today so far plus a cup of tea which is about normal for me, I'll probably have another 2 bottles worth then at least a pint this evening at home.

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