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GD - on insulin (slow and rapid release) - scan tomorrow - likely outcomes?

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purplebiro Mon 04-May-15 18:00:48

Will post this in the GD support thread too but thought someone on here might have a similar experience or be able to offer advice.

Was diagnosed with GD at 26 weeks - diet controlled for a few weeks, then Metformin which I had a terrible reaction to (couldn't keep anything down for a week and got multiple infections within days of starting it) so moved over to insulin - initially Levemir in the evenings at 2 units which has been gradually titrated up to 12 units to keep things under control and last week diabetes midwife added 2 units of Novorapid with meals (which has worked well although I have titrated up to 3 in the last few days as it was still a little higher than ideal and now seems about right). I have a growth scan tomorrow and am wondering whether it's likely that they will give me an induction date/week - I have been told that in an ideal scenario (which, given the above, I am clearly not!) I would be induced at 40 weeks but no idea what the other options/outcomes are likely to be. At the last scan (about a month ago) baby was measuring more or less exactly 50th percentile on all measurements (including torso) and liquor was also normal so I am hopeful that all of this isn't affecting her too much. Any ideas from any GD ladies/midwives? I am at St Mary's, Manchester, if that helps.

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