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When did / did your partner stop drinking?

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MissTwister Mon 04-May-15 16:56:23

My husband enjoys a few drinks a couple of times a week (so jealous!). Whilst he doesn't ever get really drunk or anything if he's had a few glasses of wine he wouldn't be much use in labour and I'd worry about whether they'd let him on the ward!

He's decided not to drink at all from about 35 weeks but I am nervous as I know that 7% of babies come prior to 37 weeks and am scared I could go into premature labour without support. Am I over worrying this and what have you all decided?

glittertits Mon 04-May-15 17:04:52

I think if he's had 2 glasses of wine when you go into labour, he'll sober up more quickly than he has ever done in his life! Honestly, don't worry about this.

DH never stopped drinking 1 or 2 when he wanted.

If your DH is getting drunk (i.e., not just 'really drunk' but any kind of drunk at all) I'd have a massive problem.

NotBrokenJustBent Mon 04-May-15 17:18:54

A couple of glasses of wine is fine.

Honestly, if you go into premature labour the fact he's had two glasses of pinot will be the last of your worries.

MissTwister Mon 04-May-15 17:20:31

Thanks Glittertits - What do you mean by 'drunk at all though'? I'd say if he's had 4 pints in an evening he'd be somewhat drunk no? And is this an issue before 35 weeks?

willnotbetamed Mon 04-May-15 19:40:07

Is he supposed to drive you to the hospital? If so, he should perhaps try and stay within the legal limit from whenever you ask him to, seeing as you are dependent on him if anything goes wrong. I don't think it's too much to ask, to be frank...

RoganJosh Mon 04-May-15 19:48:04

We went for being safe to drive after 37 weeks. My logic was that very, very few babies arrive quickly and unexpectedly before that. Many will be twins, pre eclampsia and other issues.
But that very small chance may be too much for you. It made more sense when talking to my DH to discuss him missing IT or being too drunk to manage to get through it rather than how much help he would be.
You can presumable get a taxi to the hospital, so that's not something to worry about if you don't want to?

applecore0317 Mon 04-May-15 19:49:22

For us we agreed a couple is fine as am not relying on him to drive is to the hospital as my Mum is my other birthing partner, but going out the with his mates and having a fair few is a no no at the moment, mutual agreement from 36 weeks. Although he had a fair few at a family occasion yesterday which put me on edge a bit, that was the last big one though. Am 37 weeks on Wednesday.

NickyEds Mon 04-May-15 19:59:18

My dp drank 4 or 5 times when I was pregnant with ds and probably the same this time. He's not a really big drinker generally and his main drinking buddy (me!) is on the wagon! I don't really care about him having a few beers but he doesn't seem bothered. It would probably depend on if you're relying on him to drive you to hospital. A couple of glasses of wine/bottles of beer will be soon sobered up from if you go into labour but as it's only a few weeks I'd just ask him to stop if it's worrying you.

Jenni2legs Mon 04-May-15 20:05:48

I am 38 weeks now, DH had a night out last week (a friend was up from London for one night only) and had four pints but we made sure there was money in the house for a taxi before he went out. He decided that was his limit that he'd feel comfortable going into hospital with.
Other than that he's been having one can with the football on his days off or drinking alcohol free errdinger.

soundsystem Mon 04-May-15 20:08:56

I think it depends if you're relying on him to drive you to hsopital? My DH never really stopped drinking when I was pregnant: not that he was getting mashed or anything, but would have a beer or a glass of wine if he fancied one. I wasn't relying on him to get me anywhere, though (home birth, inner London so no car so would have been a taxi - or the bus - to hospital anyway!) and I din't really want/need him to do much when I was in labour other than fetch things and be vaguely reassuring smile Really it's whatever you're comfortable with, I think?

Droflove Mon 04-May-15 20:18:14

I wouldn't be too over dramatic about this. Not getting smashed after 38 weeks is a good idea but I wouldn't be totally militant about 1 or 2 whenever he fancies it. It's highly unlikely you would need to go to hospital suddenly without warning. You are more likely to have 6-12 hrs at home first. After baby comes I think you will realise that it's a bit ott to ban drinking totally as long as your oh is not stupid about it.

MissTwister Mon 04-May-15 20:47:08

Thanks all for your opinions. I am 27+4 at the moment so he thinks I'm being over cautious! He's more than happy to stop drinking at all from 35 weeks

I don't really have any worry about the 1 or 2 drinks as only live 10 mins from hospital so taxi is fine. Its the 4 or 5 I worry about. I must stress this doesn't happen all the time or anything!!!

AbbeyRoadCrossing Mon 04-May-15 21:14:23

It depends if he's drunk or not really as a couple of glasses do different things to different people, but it sounds like he's fine. They won't let drunks on the ward obviously but a couple should be fine.
How far along are you? I had DS at 36 so I think both me and DH will be edge earlier this time! We'd luckily agreed no drinking over the limit from 35 weeks last time. Was an ambulance job so driving didn't matter in the end, but good to have him to support me

Purpleboa Mon 04-May-15 21:30:14

My DH offered to give up drinking in solidarity with me when I got my BFP but I told him not to be so daft! Tbf, he's not a big drinker (I was) so he doesn't have much. Haven't agreed a cut off point as such but he's happy not to drink in the last month (am 34 weeks tomorrow). Sadly it is his birthday on June 9th (dd 16th) so will feel bad if he can't drink then! But as someone else said, there's nowt as sobering as the reality of the labour ward! Think if your DH gives up at 35 weeks and maybe keeps it relatively light from a few weeks before then, it'll be fine. After all, you've gone months without it!

Purpleboa Mon 04-May-15 21:32:50

Meant to add - so it's only fair!

Bumpandbaby2014 Mon 04-May-15 21:32:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hazelnutlatte Mon 04-May-15 22:38:53

My DH is planning to go on a work night out when I will be 36 weeks. He will be staying overnight in a hotel an hour from home. I'm a bit worried about him going tbh but it's a once a year night out and the chances of me going into labour that night are fairly small.
He has been warned not to get too drunk though and knows that if I do go into labour he will need to get an extremely expensive taxi home!
With my last baby my waters broke and then nothing at all happened for 36 hours so I'm not expecting that there will be a huge rush to the hospital this time.

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