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Feeling massive, sick and lethargic

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AmberRose17 Sun 03-May-15 12:44:45

This is my first post on MN. Just wanted to have a bit of a moan as I'm feeling SO gross this weekend.

I'm almost 10 weeks, all is going fine, have a wonderfully supporting DH... So should be happy and I am really, but... I feel so massive and unattractive and also scared. I already had pretty huge boobs 32G pre pg and they're so giant and sore now that my tops don't fit, I've got constant morning sickness related nausea (not terrible and not vomiting, so again i should be thankful) which makes me want to eat rubbish, and I'm so so lethargic, all I want to do is be in bed.

I'm worried about looking like a giant fat lump as the weather gets nicer (am going on holiday soon and want to look nice). And I'm excited about December but also terrified about having to finally be a grown up.

Anyway, I know this is all pretty standard and I feel bad for moaning as I know I'm lucky really. But I'd love to hear from others who might be at a similar stage.

Thanks for reading

bunny85 Sun 03-May-15 13:13:41

Hi, sorry you are feeling like this, but congratulations on your pregnancy!
I'm 11 weeks and I had a stage when I felt just like you. I had no energy, couldn't do so much as hang the washed laundry, and a constant hunger which I still have. Add bloating and some sickness to it and of course it's super uncomfortable. All I can say is try and rest as much as you can, sleep, but also try and walk at least a little every day (the hardest part is actually to force yourself to get out there, once this is done you'll most likely be able to enjoy). If you are too tired to walk, just sit in the park. And whenever you want to eat some junk, try and eat something like a banana or date, works for me as a replacement!

Remember it is very likely to pass in a couple of weeks.

AmberRose17 Sun 03-May-15 15:26:30

Thanks Bunny, good advice. Have just been for a walk and didn't feel sick which is a relief. Good idea about dates instead of junk. Congrats on your pregnancy too - guess you must be due in early Dec too? Are you still feeling sick?

Ficidy Sun 03-May-15 16:09:51

I'm due 1st Dec, so I'll be 10 weeks on Tuesday and can empathise entirely. Already today I have eaten too many slices of toast, chocolate, crisps and I've had Coke!! I had a very healthy diet before this, so I really do feel disgusting eating all that rubbish, but it's all that helps at the moment. This is my second pregnancy, so I know this will pass and I just have to ride it out. I am also very bloated and do look pregnant already, which is stressful because I'm still trying to hide it! Roll on the second trimester for us all!!

MummyPiggy87 Sun 03-May-15 17:43:20

I'm also the same, I'm 10 + 4 but to be honest its eased off a lot over the last couple of days, hope it holds up cos it's been horrendous!! I've just eaten a bag of Terry's chocolate orange and a big bag of onion rings! Very healthy, not hmm

bunny85 Sun 03-May-15 17:55:04

I'm glad walking made you less sick,try and stick with it (hard I know), make it a habit. I'm actually doing my usual 6 circles around the park as I type (the park is tiny though!grin). It takes me an hour and I really struggled to force myself to it at first, now 2,5 months in and I love it! I do it almost everyday.
I'm actually due 23 November. No, almost no sickness left, but hungry all the time, and I feel like each day I MUST have something new! My mum reckons that's 'because you tried it all but the bean has never tasted anything and wants to try!'. Hmm, really? grin

AmberRose17 Sun 03-May-15 19:19:06

Thanks everyone. It's reassuring to know that the junk food urge seems to be pretty common! Mmmm Terry's Chocolate Orange, MummyPiggy. Yesterday I felt really sick until I had cheese on toast followed by cake. Not exactly a sure fire way to feel healthy. cake Am also craving new stuff all the time - I like your Mum's theory Bunny.

I'm due on 2 Dec, a day after you Ficidy according to date of LMP, but actually had an early scan last week (splashed out to ease anxiety and enable me to start telling people - saw and heard a heartbeat which was magical) which dated me a bit further along so might be earlier (and hoping that means gross feeling might pass soon!)... Hoping 2nd trimester is all it is supposed to be! Good luck everyone.

bunny85 Sun 03-May-15 20:56:10

Aww, how lovely you got to hear the heartbeat, AmberRose! I bet it was the most breathtaking experience. I'd love an early scan but still trying not to cave in and wait just a little bit more (2 weeks) until I have my first one.

Yes, sickness shouldn't stay for much longer. Good luck to you too, and hope your 2nd and 3rd trimesters will be much more comfortable and enjoyable smile

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