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Nerves about buying stuff but having to because I'm big already!

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Chchchchanging Sun 03-May-15 00:01:44

Second baby
16.5 wks
I'm having to buy trousers bras etc because I can't make do with current stuff so I comfortable and not work practical
I do t mind spending the money more the worry ahead of 20wk scan
Given I'm growing daily I hope it's a good sign
Just without feeling anything yet and being a whole since last scan feeling a bit anxious all of a sudden
Anyone else like this
First pregnancy was fine but didn't really need much till23 wks as no bump then!!

Bluepetra Sun 03-May-15 00:08:35

I'm the same but 17 weeks, feel massive, people think I'm further on than I am, I'm Petite though and small in height.
Started buying maternity stuff last week as I've gone up two sizes already. Not looking forward to further months... Can feel baby moving though.

natjayne213 Sun 03-May-15 06:21:47

I'm 15weeks and had to give in and buy some stuff. I had lost a load of weight and threw out my big clothes but now I wish I still had them. Gotta be comfortable especially at work x

gingerbreadmam Sun 03-May-15 07:08:58

i bought stuff at 12wks like you i didnt really have much choice.

i know there is a worry but it is a positive step to buy things, thinking positively to the future. if you try and think like that maybe you will feel better?

could you just buy a couple of cheaper things at the min to see you through? maybe a pair of leggings and a pair of work trousers?

BlinkAndMiss Sun 03-May-15 09:24:44

Exactly the same here, I felt a bit forced and like I was tempting fate. However, there was no getting around it because nothing fit me at all! You have to convince yourself that buying things will not jinx the pregnancy, and try to have faith that things will be ok. Another way of looking at it is that even if there was something wrong, it's not going to be made worse because those items exist. I've had a few complications from early on and have had to get our baby stuff sorted out much earlier incase I end up hospitalised. It's worried me so much, but actually I'm now thinking that if things do go wrong at least I did everything positively to make sure I was ready.

Please try not to worry, maternity clothes are much comfier and being comfy helps you to relax which is vital in pregnancy. Good luck for your next scan.

aletea Sun 03-May-15 17:29:22

I'm 7 weeks and I only have one paid of trousers that still fits - and even they're uncomfortable after lunch!! I was in maternity clothes at 9 weeks last time so at least I know it's my normal.

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