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BreeVDKamp Sat 02-May-15 21:29:38

Ha. Sorry, this is gross.

I am 38+2 and since yesterday seem to have developed piles!! Everything has been fine up until now. I have been making sure I don't get constipated, so think it must just be one of those things!

I've got Anusol (ugh, why do they give these things such ugly names??), but I'm assuming they're going to get much worse during labour, so anything else I should get to ease them after the birth?

MistressKatherine Sat 02-May-15 22:03:38

Bleugh I have this awful issue too. Managed to avoid constipation only to get them at 32 weeks anyway! I'm really worried they will worsen during labour too. Please someone give us some advice.

BreeVDKamp Sun 03-May-15 10:43:54

Ohhh can't anyone help us in our plight? sad

Buttwing Sun 03-May-15 11:20:19

I have had awful piles with all four of my pregnancies. You won't even notice in labour but afterwards they maybe worse but mine actually went away. I didn't manage to totally get rid of mine until after the babies were born. Over the counter creams didn't really work for me I went to the gp and got some stronger stuff which helped, ice packs on them were good, warm baths were soothing also the gp gave me lidocaine cream which basically numbs the area that was by far the best. You can buy lidocaine cream over the counter it's also called vagasil cream which is for itchy fanjos! It sounds crazy but if you put it on the piles the pain completely goes.
You have my sympathy they are evil little buggers!!

MistressKatherine Sun 03-May-15 15:33:54

Thank you Buttwing! I feel more reassured about labour now knowing I hopefully won't be doing anymore damage. I'll try what you said too. By the way, good name ;)

BreeVDKamp Sun 03-May-15 17:18:39

Ooh OK, I already have some lidocaine cream I think! Thanks Buttwing!

MSMB Sun 03-May-15 20:51:17

I'm 33 weeks and just got dreaded piles since being on iron tablets! Does anyone's bleed quite bad? It's quite a bit of bright red blood when I go to the loo and it makes me panic and check it's not coming from anywhere else... Definitely my bottom blush
I'm scared it will only get worse!

Buttwing Mon 04-May-15 15:45:35

MSMB mine used to bleed too, sometimes after I'd been for a poo the bowl would be bright red quite scary but very normal.
I feel like some weird pile troll!! But I just remember how horrible they were smile

duckbilled Mon 04-May-15 16:02:03

I had awful ones after labor with dd, they went away on their own after a few weeks.... Only to be followed by an anal fissure sad

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