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feeling so unwell I am not excited at all anymore

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wineandpopcorn Fri 01-May-15 15:33:02

I am only 8 weeks pregnant, and have an 18 month old dd. I currently have morning sickness 24 hours per day, and its making me so miserable . I had a scan today, all is fine, but I just feel so tired and sick that I am wishing I wasn't pregnant sad. Please don't flame me, I am so I'll and worried about how I will manage

Amyyy27 Fri 01-May-15 15:36:03

Totally sympathise. I'm still ill at 12 weeks and just returned to work after nearly a month off. It's bloody awful isn't it. The only time I feel well is when I'm asleep! Hope you are feeling better soon x

happygojo Fri 01-May-15 15:54:52

This is understandable. I wasn't that sick, didn't have a toddler and I still felt miserable at times, I also got paranoid my OH would leave me because I was sooo rubbish at life and teary and tired

But at about 9 weeks I started to have better days and by 14 weeks it was more good days than bad days and now I feel MUCH better. Not quite pre-preg.... but pretty ok (25 weeks)

wineandpopcorn Fri 01-May-15 16:13:03

Thank you, it's good to know others struggle even when its something very much wanted. I just feel so guilty for feeling this way sad.

24hourM0MMY Fri 01-May-15 23:17:49

Same situation here. I very much want this baby but the misery of the all day nausea and fatigue has really got me down. My OH seems to have zero understanding or sympathy and that is making things worse I feel. He's just ignoring or rolling his eyes anytime I mention how I feel. I really hope this doesn't last much longer, for you too OP.

3rdbump Fri 01-May-15 23:22:14

Totally sympathise. On my 4th pregnancy and had hg with 1st and 3rd. This time round was pretty rough too having a 2yr old to look after also. Mine went around 23 weeks. Am now 36 weeks and it's completely gone. Hang in there, is there anyone who can have the little one for a few hours so you can get some rest? I was lucky as my 2 are at school and toddler went to nursery 3 days a week. found sleeping helped a lot.

3rdbump Fri 01-May-15 23:24:42

Also I had medication with this pregnancy for a few months which took the edge off, not s total cure but helped, so maybe worth speaking to your doctor too.

Chasmac Fri 01-May-15 23:27:20

I'm feeling exactly the same....even had a cry in front of the midwife today ��

MummyPiggy87 Fri 01-May-15 23:34:52

I felt the same I had awful sickness between week 6-8 it eased off a lot around week 9-10. I was given medication also and signed off for 2 weeks, I didn't feel excited either I just wanted to feel "normal" again. It'll pass just spend a lot of time in bed resting and drinking water it really isn't the only thing that helps x

MummyPiggy87 Fri 01-May-15 23:35:37

*is the only thing that helps

Firsttimer82 Sat 02-May-15 18:11:48

I'm so glad I joined up today. This was literally my question. I hit 9/40 tomorrow. I'm a A&E nurse and had 2 shifts off now with feeling nauseous and my belly aches and my bowels!!!! This was an unexpected delight as we thought we would have to have IVF but I'm not excited. All I can do it feel ill and shout/Cry at my husband. The guilt of being off work is immense. Everything seems hopeless and feeling like this seems also horrendously self indulgent. So glad others feel the same... Roll on 12 weeks... I hear it gets better then???

hope123x Sat 02-May-15 21:37:05

Im same as op, have an 18mo to run around after and spent the first 11 weeks feeling sick from the minute I woke up to going to bed, then waking however many times in the night feeling sick again!!

It's horrible, but has passed. All of a sudden I just started feeling better at around 11 weeks!

It does put a downer on being pregnant and makes you not excited. I spent the first weeks miserable and not wanting to be pregnant.. Felt awful for thinking it! I hope you all start feeling better

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