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Pregnant again after one ectopic and two mcs

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Lovemylittlebear Fri 01-May-15 06:49:35

hi all

i have a beautiful little girl which i am very lucky to have. since then i have had one ectopic preg and two Mcs all ensing around six and a bit weeks. Im on meds that a private gynae recommended and will go in for a reassurance scan if i get to next week. im 5 weeks 3 days but no morning sickness has kicked in yet. boobs were a bit sore at the start but less sore now. im ever so nervous and was wondering when the morning sickness should be starting if i have any chance of keeping this one? thanks xx

bunny85 Sat 02-May-15 18:07:46

Hi, congrats on your pregnancy!

I'm at the moment 11 weeks with my first, and I only had very mild nausea around weeks 8-9, but then it was all gone. You may even not get one at all, it doesn't mean anything is wrong, just you are lucky! (That's what I've been told - all my symptoms are gone now and I was panicky).
Wishing you a healthy, happy and sickness-free 9 months thanks

liane123 Sat 02-May-15 18:08:29

Hi lovemylittlebear, im afraid I dont know much about morning sickness as ive never had it. I understand ur nerves tho. Im 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant after 2 miscarriages in the past 10 months. Im really worried as desperarately want this pregnanxy to go well. Every time I dont find blood when I go the loo im releived. Good luck with ur pregnancy :0) x x x

Lovemylittlebear Sun 03-May-15 09:56:46

I know what you mean - I feel like queen of the knickerwatcher brigade...MIght start a club lol xxx

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