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Early pregnancy

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zoeygollan123 Thu 30-Apr-15 19:48:41

Hi everyone , just need to talk , I'm 5 weeks and hve started to hve a brownish discharge when I been to toilet and hve got stomach ache , been for a scan today, and she couldn't c a heart beat , so got to go back next Thursday , feeling really down has anyone else experienced this before , thank u xx

lemon101 Thu 30-Apr-15 20:38:24

Hi, I'm no expert but these pages are full of people with weird discharge and even full on bleeding that go on to have a healthy pregnancy. Also 5 weeks is relatively early to expect to hear a heartbeat so don't let that make you feel its all over. Hang on in there flowers

ejclementine Thu 30-Apr-15 22:11:51

Hi, I'm 5 weeks tomorrow and I was in your boat yesterday. I had what felt like mild period pains and the tissue was brown each time I wiped (like if mopped up spilt coffee). Today I have had barely any brown and some mild tummy aches, but I'm assured it's normal.
Brown blood is old and could be any number of things like the implantation bleed coming out, or old blood coming out as your uterus starts to adjust (hence aches), or a number of other things.
I sympathise as I had a terrible day yesterday but I had an even stronger blue line today (did a test for peace of mind) and am feeling much more relaxed. Period like pains are very normal apparently.
I called the midwife and they said they could scan from 6 weeks but for now I'm too early.

ejclementine Thu 30-Apr-15 22:18:19

It's also quite normal to have around the time when your period would have been. x

heatherxo Thu 30-Apr-15 23:28:51

Brown is good.
When I was around 5 weeks I had sudden cramps followed by bright red blood that lasted no longer than a day, went for a scan and there was no heartbeat..
By 10 days later had a lovely beating heart and I'm now 29 weeks!
Don't worry/stress yourself, its really common to have a bleed (red or brown) in pregnancy

mazpie Fri 01-May-15 01:09:27

Brown blood isn't thought to be too serious compared to red. I also had some bleeding in the past week and I had an early scan today which confirmed everything was ok! Bleeding is quite common in early pregnancy try not to get too worried although it's hard not to. Based on what people have told me it will most probably all be fine! Good luck!

zoeygollan123 Fri 01-May-15 21:28:40

Thank u all for ure messages , but today hasn't been good , woke up and it was red blood and stomach pains , as the day has progressed not stopped really , getting heavier now so I'm presuming the worst now , so hve to go for a scan next Thursday to c if its all came away , anyway hoping the weekend goes quick so this can b over with xxx

kamilah2006ahmed Sun 03-May-15 01:02:12

Hi I did pregnancy test predictor it came positive but also did clear blue next morning it came negative an am due with period 11 weeks what do I do

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