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scan photo

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tasha123xx Wed 29-Apr-15 18:18:30

Can someone please tell me what this was in my last scan photo. Doesnt look right to me

jerryfudd Wed 29-Apr-15 18:20:04

Surely the professionals scanning you would have told you if there was a problem?

Snowflake15 Wed 29-Apr-15 18:21:37

Looks like a baby to me

PotteringAlong Wed 29-Apr-15 18:23:22

If there was a problem they would've told you. Scan pictures always look a bit weird to me - in my 12 week scan with ds2 he was spine down and looked exactly like an uncooked whole chicken.

Pigriver Wed 29-Apr-15 18:43:09

There does seem to be a strange very penis like shape above the baby's head! How odd. I am sure there is a perfectly logical explanation. Maybe check with the midwife on your next appointment. They would have said if there was anything at all to worry about.
All looks fine with baby though!

gaggiagirl Wed 29-Apr-15 18:46:51

A long mushroom?

itsallgonetitsup91 Wed 29-Apr-15 19:22:57

A pork sword?

Rebecca1608 Wed 29-Apr-15 19:49:50

It does look very penis shaped.

BumWad Wed 29-Apr-15 21:55:08

Errr a big willy top right

Snowflake15 Wed 29-Apr-15 22:27:53

Hahaha omg I never saw that! How funnyshock

tasha123xx Thu 30-Apr-15 19:55:52

Yes lol. It looks like a big penis. Not worried i was just curious as i have never seen anything like this before.

Rosieliveson Thu 30-Apr-15 20:10:43

It does look odd. Probably just background scan!
Also, your full name is on your scan. Just letting you know in case want to hide it smile

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