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Pregnant with a prolapse

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fivetoes15 Wed 29-Apr-15 15:29:17

Hello all,
This is the 1st time I have ever posted a question, although I have read a few posts on my topic, but all not quite the same.
I am 13 weeks pregnant (v. excited) with 2nd child. I have a prolapse and am incredibly uncomfortable. 1st amazing DS is a pretty heavy thing (16 months old and 13kg) and probably making everything a little more difficult when carrying him,
My issues are the following and I apologise for ragging on, I really am feeling quite desperate and need some reassurance which I am not getting from doctor and advice.
1. Really uncomfortable and getting worse throughout the day and finding everything quite depressing as nothing feels right - 'down there' it has started to protrude blush
2. I have been to the doctor, they really don't seem to have any concerns at all, in fact not very sympathetic and don't see any of this as an issue
3. Have removed pessary which was practically falling out, has anyone else done this?
4. Obstetrician seemed very reluctant (and rude) that I should have an elected c section, even though 1st birth lost 3 litres of blood had forceps delivery and took over 8 weeks to recover and had post natal depression, brought on by whole experience.

I think that's it for now, but all advice would be mot, most appreciated. I am not exceptionally pushy with people, should I be more so with regards to this?

Thanks so much for persisting with reading and hope to hear from someone.

seriouslynonames Wed 29-Apr-15 21:25:24

hey there,
i'm also preg with dc2 and had a prolapsed cervix post dc1.
your point 1 - I have exactly the same - really uncomfy, worse as day goes on, nothing feels right, i can feel something protruding etc
this really started to worry me that my cervix may be getting damaged or exposed to infection etc.

I tried speaking to the midwife who had no clue (she isn't much help with anything as it happens) and suggested I ask the GP for a ring pessary - is this what you had?

i went to GP and he took me seriously but said no way he'd prescribe me a pessary without a consultant opinion. So then I had a fight to get to see someone. Actually the GP was great at pushing on my behalf as he seemed to get it. the thing that helped was that i had a letter that a private gyn had written back to my GP a couple of years ago, when I first had the prolapse looked at, and that mentioned potential issues with subsequent pregnancies.

GP pushed the hospital until i got a clinic appointment as consultant was on leave. So I saw a registrar. All this took about 6-7 weeks. The registrar did a quick internal exam and told me that my cervix was actually starting to move up, as it is supposed to in the 2nd tri, but now the thing I could feel protruding is my front vag wall - a new prolapse to deal with! But at least a less worrying one.

so I still feel weird and uncomfortable and it gets worse during the day, but I'm a but less worried. They said they would refer me for physio (not heard anything yet) and that I should do my pelvic floors, but that's about it until i've completed my family.

we talked about c-section or vaginal delivery and, as suspected, are keen that I go for vaginal. the gyn had said I ought to consider c-section, but he's not involved in my pregnancy care.

so for now, I'm on track for vaginal delivery and to be honest I'm not massively keen on a c-section anyway, but I absolutely want to keep that option open for now because I really don't want to end up with worse prolapse problems than I have already! The registrar seemed to think a c-section wouldn't make much difference to the outcome, assuming a quick delivery which she said most second babies are. BUT my first delivery was pretty messy towards the end and DC1 kept getting stuck, so was pushing for ages. So I'm not convinced all will go smoothly this time!

They are happy to revisit the decision much later in the pregnancy, 36 weeks. But I will push for a review earlier if the prolapse problems continue to worsen.

I know a few people who have pushed for elective c-section for 2nd deliveries for various reasons, and previous threads here that cover this. So if you feel strongly then do keep pushing, particularly if it is going to stress you out - they have to consider your mental health too in all this, and it doesn't sound like you just want a c-section, but that you really want to avoid a repeat of a very difficult delivery.
good luck, and hopefully others who have succeeded in getting elective c-section will reply.

sorry for such a long reply!

fivetoes15 Thu 30-Apr-15 20:55:31

Thanks so much for your reply and comments. You're right, I have no great desire to have a c-section, just really don't want to end up in the situation I did last time!
Yes, I had a pessary, that was about 6 months prior to becoming pregnant again. It didn't really work for me, but I have read that it is successful for some people.
It seems that you've had more luck with the doctors than I have, maybe I should look at going to a private gynae.

Good luck with your next one and I hope everything goes well. smile

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