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HELP??!! 17 Week Early Gender Scan

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KayChard93 Mon 20-Apr-15 18:30:19

i paid private to have a gender scan done however i am not convinced the sonographer was that sure.
please have a look at my picture to see what gender people think it is?
we are really confused

TittyBojangles Mon 20-Apr-15 18:32:55

The Sonographer will have more of a chance than asking ppl on here. You can ask the Sonographer to see what sex it is when you have your anomaly scan though I know some hospitals have a policy of not sexing at these scans.
Good luck with your pregnancy.

KayChard93 Mon 20-Apr-15 18:34:58

i know our hospital will, we have been told its a boy but on all the scans online you can clearly see a penis.
its bugging me now hehe cause my scan isn't until may sad

Fattycow Mon 20-Apr-15 18:37:07

For sex I think boy.
For gender I have no clue.

TittyBojangles Mon 20-Apr-15 18:56:28

Not that long to wait then.

applecore0317 Mon 20-Apr-15 19:14:47

Mine was done at 17 weeks and told it was a girl because there were three lines flat, nothing sticking out like yours is smile

WrappedInABlankie Mon 20-Apr-15 19:16:59

It's a penis.

I had one at 16 weeks. Same thing.

BifsWif Mon 20-Apr-15 20:12:53


slightlyinsane Mon 20-Apr-15 22:41:50

Unfortunately you will have to wait till 20 wks to confirm (if your hospital will) I was told by my consultant at 18wks my twins were boys, 2 wks later and we were told girls.

Number3cometome Tue 21-Apr-15 12:00:15

They always said a burger shape was a girl, that looks like a burger to me.

What did they tell you OP?

Number3cometome Tue 21-Apr-15 12:00:48

Oh hang on, maybe i'm looking at it wrong?!

Number3cometome Tue 21-Apr-15 12:01:17

Oh hang on, maybe i'm looking at it wrong?!

Grantaire Tue 21-Apr-15 12:35:49

Is the sex of the baby very important to you? I'm not sure what the sad face is for. May is less than a fortnight away. I'm just wondering where your unhappiness is coming from? I'm not judging btw, pregnancy is a very anxious time and you do sound like it's preying on your mind. I just wondered if there was something in particular you were worrying about?

Why did you think the sonographer didn't seem sure?

yennym19 Tue 26-May-15 13:45:06

Hi sorry to intrude on this post. I was just wondering can anyone try to guess what I am having? (It's just for fun I know you can't see the bits) I will be having a gender scan in 3 weeks time. This scan picture was taken at 14 weeks.

That's how ours looked for DD. 3 lines.

OneLittleManOneInOven Tue 26-May-15 15:37:29

This is my 'potty shot' at 16 weeks and she is clearly all girl smile

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