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8 week scan showed 6 weeks - scared baby not growing?

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victoriaboo Sat 04-Nov-06 10:25:47

Hi Girls, wondered if anyone had a similar experience with good or bad outcome. I went for a scan at 7+6 on Thursday and was told that the baby only measured 3mm and I was more like 6 weeks. This isnt possible as I got my postive test result 4 weeks ago so this would mean I tested positive at 2 weeks, which as we all know isn't possible. They saw the sac and a possible flicker that could be a heartbeat but they weren't sure. Looks to me that the baby has stopped growing. Have to go back on weds 15th for another scan. Feeling quite sure that when I do it will be a mmc, dreading the next 2 weeks, have already had a mc and have been ttc for 2 years now so feel that it is never going to happen. Love to all xxxx

cece Sat 04-Nov-06 10:52:53

My experience was some bleeding - brown - went for first scan at 8 weeks. Baby measured 6 weeks. With heart beat. Same as you with the tests/dates.

Went back 1 week later after more bleeding and told baby had noi heart beat, so a mmc.

I am hoping that you have better news.

cece Sat 04-Nov-06 10:53:38

Have to add second lot of bleeding was red.

CorrieDale Sat 04-Nov-06 11:58:00

I'm afraid I had a similar experience and a mmc. Really feeling for you. But... re: your worry that it'll never happen. After 3 mcs, DS is now 16 months old. I had stopped believing it would happen, but it did.

victoriaboo Sat 04-Nov-06 12:02:59

Thanks for your honest answers, some times people dont post when its not good news, but I really would rather know the truths. Its answering what I thought would happen anyway. Thanks again xxxx

harrogatemum Sat 04-Nov-06 12:03:13

victoriaboo - I had a similar experience - I went for a scan as I had some bleeding when I thought I was nearly 7 weeks pg and was told it was only about the size of 5 weeks. I figured it must be not growing as I was so certain of my dates (including when I had got pregnant). However when I went back a week later, it was the size of 6 weeks and is now due in about 3 weeks time so these things can come out positively!

Wishing you lots and lots of luck - I still cant work out how my dates were so wrong, but thats the miracle of reproduction I guess. LEt us know how you get on.

elliepmummy Sat 04-Nov-06 12:05:46

when i had early scan due to brown bleed I knew I was 7+3 but baby measured 5+3 went back 2 weeks later and baby had grown and heartbeat am now 30 weeks pg so hope you have good news HTH xx

muma3 Sat 04-Nov-06 12:07:23

i dont understand how they can tell excatly. surely some babys grow different to others.

fwiw my friend went for a scan thinking she was 6 weeks and they couldnt find a thing . she was still testing positive for 2 weeks so gp sent her back . she was then 8 weeks and i saw baby it was def there !!!she gave birth monday just gone to a beautiful baby boy 100% healthy

good luck and try not to worry until you have been backxxx

littleducks Sat 04-Nov-06 12:10:22

My dates were very confused as i missed a period the month before i conceived, then must have had positive result really early as when i had early scan (tummy pains and spotting) there wasnt anything clearly visible and i was told it was ectopic pregnancy and i was very upset but after blood tests scans and a lot of fuss my dd is 6 months, healthy and sitting here so dont give up hope just yet sorry i cant remember the exact timings to be more helpful but im a touch sleep deprived!

victoriaboo Sat 04-Nov-06 12:58:49

Wow thanks all you lovely ladies for replying I can let myself feel a teeny bit positive now! Love vic

jellybeans Sat 04-Nov-06 16:07:59

Hi, I had a scan due to bleeding at 6+ weeks and they said I was 5.3 wks. I was certain of my dates and worried it meant m/c/not growing even though there was a h/b. I went back at what would have been 9 weeks acc to their last measurement but I was measured 10.3 wks. This matched my original dates exactly so I think (total guess) maybe at 5/6 weeks things are so hard to see it is not as accurate as a later scan.

I have had a missed m/c previously and had abit of red blood and loss of symptoms I was 11 wks but bubs stopped growing at 8 wks.

With this pg i have spotted since 5 wks brown and bright red. With my twins, one of them always measured a week smaller and i spotted for the first trimester too. He was fine at birth but a little smaller!

I hope this reassures you abit and hope all is OK for you!!! xx

cath29 Sat 04-Nov-06 18:23:08

victoriaboo i wouldn't worry too much at this stage because it's perfectly possible that it will work out fine. early in this pregnancy they were telling me that my dates COULDNT be right because the baby looked too small for the dates. at 6 weeks they could hardly see anything for example. i really thought it was a mmc at that point. had a couple of rescans and in the end it was fine; can't remember the exact details but now i am 19 weeks and the baby is measuring 18+5 on the ultrasound (had the anomaly scan on friday). obviously we are all only guessing what is going on with your LO and it is good to prepare yourself mentally for a mmc; but i wouldn't give up hope by any means. if they saw a flicker that is really positive. despite how accurate they say these early scans are, they were wrong in my case, or the baby miraculously caught up, both of which they say isn't possible!! hth xx

victoriaboo Sun 05-Nov-06 08:21:01

Hi girls, thanks to for all your replies, keep them coming! I've only just found this website and I think its brilliant. The other thing that worries me about this pregnancy is that I've rarely felt even nauseous. My boobs are still sore on and off (last time I had a mc all symptons just abruptly stopped). I haven't had any bleeding at all so thats good, ooh Im so confused wednesday after next seems a lifetime away before I can get some answers. xxxxx

Cassandra1977 Sun 05-Nov-06 09:08:56

Hi, in the same situtation, had one mmc then pregnant again, dates are 2 weeks off, but when I went for second scan 10days later it developed, my situation is not so clear as I am 5mm with no heart beat, but you have a flicker and your are only 3mm, so stay positive. Good luck!

victoriaboo Sun 05-Nov-06 09:14:13

Hi cassandra thanks for your reply. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for both of us then hun, keep me posted on how your going. Will be thinking of you. The baby growing is a really positive sign and heartbeats are hard to detect so small so you stay positive too. With love Vic xxxx

cath29 Sun 05-Nov-06 12:02:08

lots of thoughts and good vibes to you both, i know what you are going through, the waiting is horrible!! try to think about something else, easier said than done, but try to keep as calm as possible and distract yourself with nice food, TV, walks, whatever.. the time will soon pass do either of you have dc already?

cath29 Sun 05-Nov-06 12:02:56

ooops victoria just looked back at your OP about ttc for 2 years i had taken that in really! not very awake this morning lol

mears Sun 05-Nov-06 12:09:35

Why were you being scanned so early? To me this is one of the problems of early scanning - it can cause great anxiety when it doesn't need to. It is not an indicator of outcome at all. Women often push for early scans or are sent by their GP when it can be inaccurate.

Hope it is good news for you victoriaboo when you go back.

candj Sun 05-Nov-06 12:23:29

I had a scan due to 3 weeks of quite heavy bleeding (I had left it so long as I thought bleeding was my AF for a couple of weeks!) at what I thought was 8 weeks but was told I was 6 weeks - all other scans matched this date aswell - but I was convinced I had conceived 2 weeks earlier as I was using ovulation tests and had tested positive 2 weeks before the scans said I conceived.

Still don't understand what happened - did I ovulate twice in one cycle, did the baby grow slowly?? But on a positive note, whatever did happen, I went on to have a very healthy 7lb 14oz DS 4 months ago.

Sending you hugs and positive thoughts for the next few days.

elliepmummy Sun 05-Nov-06 12:27:34

meant to add to my previous post i have never had any pg symptons with either my dd or this one (had m/c in middle also no symptons) so dont worry about not feeling nausea etc some people just dont have symptons (tend to think I was lucky till I hit 26wks and since then every bone in my body aching and still got 9 weeks to go !!!)

victoriaboo Sun 05-Nov-06 17:47:29

Thanks for more replies, this is really helping me sort my head out a bit either way it goes. Mears, I had and early scan because I have been seeing an infertility clinic and they put me on tablets for my high prolactin level, which worked for me within the month, I fell pregnant 2 months into meds (after ttc for 2 years!) High prolactin can weaken your womb and this is why they think I mc previously, so it was to check my womb lining was looking good which is was. Everything at the scan looked good apart from the fact that it was 6 weeks not 8 which just made me automatically think mmc. I fully agree with you though about people pushing for early scans though as it really does show worrying results sometimes. Love to you and all !Victoria xxxx

doggus Sun 05-Nov-06 22:02:13

Hi victoriaboo, really wish you good luck. Like you I have high prolactin (3800!), was treated with bromocriptine (yuk) and the first month it kicked in I got pg (currently 6 weeks) after ttc for three years! Like you I am having an early scan (this Tuesday).

Quick question - do you know why yr prolactin is high? The doc thinks I have a micro-prolactinaemia, but I am taking anti-depressants and we thought it was them for a long while.

victoriaboo Mon 06-Nov-06 08:08:52

Hey doggus, wow those drugs are good! I was on cabergoline which is the uk equivilent, are you in the us? I don't actually know why my prolactin was so high, but I think its something I've always had as my cycles before taking it where always really long and irregular. As soon as I started taking it they were down to 28 days.
I had a brain scan on my pituiatry gland to see if I had a pituitary tumour (non cancerous tumour that can cause high prolactin) but it was all clear. So I don't really know why I have it. How about you? Hope everything is perfect at your scan and congrtas on your pregnancy - let me know how you get on, lots of love xxxx

victoriaboo Mon 06-Nov-06 08:11:49

sorry doggus just re read your post (just woken up). So your dr thinks you may have micro prolactineamia? The drugs are supposed to shrink them aren't they? lol xxxx

brimfull Mon 06-Nov-06 08:30:24

I had an early scan that showed I was 2 weeks earlier than I thought.I never even thought there was a thing wrong ,just thought the test i did at home worked really early iykwim.Pregnancy went without a hitch ,ds now 4.Hope it all works out for you.

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