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Free mattress for bednest

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MrsCaptainReynolds Wed 15-Apr-15 09:02:09

I'm just packing away baby things and deciding whether to just throw the bednest mattress away (given current SIDs guidelines on not reusing mattresses) or not. If anyone would like it free, send me a message and I'll post it to you.

It's this mattress:

Bought new for DS2, I had a waterproof cover on it, then a fitted cotton sheet, then a babymoov cosynest which was also covered with a sheet! So baby was never in contact with the mattress and any posset or nappy leaks only got to the top of the cosynest. Used in this way for 5 months. It is therefore in very good and barely used condition. Non-smoking household.

If you want it, or know anyone who does, send me a message.

Esylam Fri 31-Jul-15 23:30:14

Hello - i would be interested in this mattress. Is it still available? Thanks!

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