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Pos FRERs but Neg CBdigi?

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Lauren83 Wed 15-Apr-15 08:58:12

Hello. I'm 13dpo 11dp 2dt today after 7 years TTC and on my 4th ivf (donor eggs) im in absolute shock to have gotten a faint BFPS on frer on Monday that has been getting darker but 3 digis (1 each morning) all not pregnant? I know the FRER are 10 sensitivity compared to 25 on a CB digi but I really thought with FMU on what's the equivalent of cycle day 27 today than It would of been BFP. Having a panic now it might be a chem. Anyone had similar issues?

Amyyy27 Wed 15-Apr-15 09:02:40

Hear about it all the time the digis are rubbish i never bothered using them! If you have a line (within the timeframe) then its a positive! Try not to worry about a digi x

2015isgoingtobeBIG Wed 15-Apr-15 09:05:16

And this is why most fertility centres tell you to test when you're at least 14 dpo. I'm going to say a tentative congratulations and keep my fingers crossed this becomes yet another story of why nobody should waste money on CBD tests when testing early. Having fallen pregnant finally after 3 IUI and 2 ivf I remember well this time of the cycle and it's horrible. Find something to distract you today. If your centre does hcg blood tests you could ask if they'll do it now but you won't really have a more definite answer until they repeat them after 48 hours.
Good luck x

BeforeIChangeMyMind Wed 15-Apr-15 09:16:04

This happened to me at 10/11/12/13 dpo

10 dpo - very faint positive FRER
11 dpo - still very faint positive FRER
12 dpo - negative CB digi
13 dpo - clearly positive Superdrug early test

18 dpo - CB digi finally caught up with "Pregnant 1-2 weeks"

Baby is due next month. Good luck OP, I know it's nearly impossible to "relax" but don't panic, there is still time for the CB to catch up.

Lauren83 Wed 15-Apr-15 09:16:37

Thanks both! I know I completely get why they give us long 2ww, my test day was 18 days past the donors egg collection, I had AF type cramps over weekend and went back to work Monday and couldn't help testing. Regretting those digis now! I had Gestone, clexane, Prednisilone, scratch, glue and embryscope this time too. Clinic don't do beta but going to see of my gp will. Thanks again smile

Lauren83 Wed 15-Apr-15 09:19:02

Before... Thanks so much for that it's made me feel loads better. I got
11dpo squinter
12 dpo faint bfp
13 dpo darker bfp but not as dark as test line
Neg digis on all. Will save the last digi I have for a few days. And huge congrats on your pregnancy

2015isgoingtobeBIG Wed 15-Apr-15 09:26:45

If your gp won't do it (I was a nhs patient and the gp wouldnt do it routinely) and you're in London I got the bloods done at The Path Lab near Harley street. I didn't need a blood form from the doctor and they emailed the results to me within hours.
Good luck x

Lauren83 Wed 15-Apr-15 09:42:28

Thanks for that, I'm near Manchester so if they won't im sure I will find a private place to do it this week, Care said they will book me an immediate scan with me having dodgy tubes but obviously can't ring the tesult through until OTD x

BifsWif Wed 15-Apr-15 16:49:45

FRER have something like a sensitivity of 15, CBD are 50. Not all tests have the same sensitivity level, and a pregnancy will show earlier on a FRER than a CBD.

I wouldn't even try testing on a CBD until I was at least two days late.

Lauren83 Wed 15-Apr-15 17:55:10

Thanks did that BifsWif, annoyed with myself for not having the sense not to use digi early. I'm not buying anymore im just going to stick with the one my clinic gave me in a few days now.

Carrierpenguin Wed 15-Apr-15 18:20:39

I think clearblue digital are 50 for accuracy. I got a positive on a sainsbury own brand test first!

BifsWif Wed 15-Apr-15 19:09:04

It's so tempting to use one though when you're excited isn't it?!

Forget the CBF, a positive is a positive, so congratulations!

CoffeeTwo Wed 15-Apr-15 19:36:08

This happened to me, I had a negative cb digi after several positive frers. It's crushing to see the words 'not pregnant'. But I got that digi positive 2 days later and I bet you will too, congratulations! smile

Lauren83 Wed 15-Apr-15 20:27:18

Thanks all for taking the time to reply I really appreciate it. I just got a tesco own brand for tomorrow as they had no FRER. Will see what that brings. I just have to keep thinking had I not done that damn CB digi I would have no reason ro suspect a chem. OTD isn't yntil monday but you know they give nearly 3ww for ivf. It's reassuring to know it's not just me that's had issues with the digis. X

BifsWif Wed 15-Apr-15 21:47:58

Please keep us updated, keeping everything crossed for you smile

Lauren83 Thu 16-Apr-15 07:16:30

Ok so today I did a tesco own which I believe is 25? Frer is 12.5? It's a faint bfp still but much fainter than I would expect for 14 dpo. Scared to do another frer (have non in at the mo) as don't want conformation it's fading as in work today, might get some and do it tomorrow when I'm off. Still not sure what to think. It's looking more like a chemical pg than anything else at the mo but even if it is its further than I ever got before! smile

Amyyy27 Thu 16-Apr-15 07:56:27

Lauren the line will be fainter than a frer as they arent as sensitive so dont worry about that smile i think its good news for you x

TheOriginalWinkly Thu 16-Apr-15 08:01:25

Tesco tests and CB digis are shite. Tescos are fainter than faint, and according to CB I never got past 2-3 weeks pregnant even when I was having good scans at 7 weeks. Tescos took forever to come up with the most rubbish squinter of a line and a friend of mine found the same. Don't worry. Well you will worry, but crappy test sticks that are cheap with the dye aren't a reason to worry. Hope it all goes well.

TheOriginalWinkly Thu 16-Apr-15 08:03:47

Virtually invisible at 5 weeks

BifsWif Thu 16-Apr-15 08:08:35

Agree tesco are rubbish! Step away from the tests for a day, get another FRER and test again on Saturday x

Lauren83 Thu 16-Apr-15 08:33:21

I was expecting it to be fainter as it wasn't as sensitive but with a few days passing I expected my levels might have risen more. That photo has made me feel better too Thankyou and congrats on your pregnancy. Thanks everyone for keeping me company whilst I slowly drive myself mad!

Lauren83 Thu 16-Apr-15 08:50:12

These are my frers....

Carrierpenguin Thu 16-Apr-15 08:50:17

A feint positive is still positive, you know that?! I didn't get a strong positive until after otd! I'd forget the frer as they are expensive, buy some supermarket twin packs (I found Sainsbury good and only a few pounds for 2) and test with fmu, watch the line get darker each day :-)

Lauren83 Thu 16-Apr-15 08:51:02

These are my Tescos

Lauren83 Thu 16-Apr-15 10:02:35

Just done another frer now

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