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Bugaboo Bee 3 vs iCandy Strawberry 2?

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Babygirlonherway Sun 12-Apr-15 20:00:11

Hi all
I live in london in a basement flat (so, external steps to deal with) - think we've narrowed down our buggy options to these two but now can't decide! Important to me to have a carrycot for newborn (hence not the icandy raspberry) but also want something light and manoeuvrable. I know the Bee is much lighter when it's whole but I think I will always be taking the baby down into the flat (in carrycot or later just out of the seat) first and pop back up to fetch the chassis / folded buggy with seat. So weight is important but not the only factor - as long as it is light enough for me to get down the steps with it!

Does anyone have thoughts on this? A lot of the online reviews are of the Strawberry 1 rather than 2 so I'm finding it difficult to compare. Went to John lewis yesterday and preferred the sturdy feel of the Strawberry but don't know if I'm being a fusspot and the Bee would actually be sturdy enough. Also wasn't a big fan of the jersey material of the Bee and liked the firmer material of the Strawberry. But I figure a billion other mums can't be wrong so I can't write off the bugaboo without careful thought!

Thanks for any advice you have!

YooHoo22 Tue 03-Nov-15 05:57:17

Hi there, what did you go for in the end & how have you been finding it? I'm having the same thoughts as you were the choosing between the strawb2 & bee3. I'm also in London. Hope your baby girl arrived safely & you've had a good summer with the little one smile

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