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secretly hoping pink but think I see blue please help!

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Ljj1987 Sun 12-Apr-15 16:00:12

Hiya lovely people just wondering if any of you nub/skull theory experts could help me out I would be really grateful. I already have a beautiful boy and with this being my last pregnancy I would secretly love a little girl to complete our family. Obviously healthy is priority though but just need some guidance! Thank you in advance xxxxxx

Justusemyname Sun 12-Apr-15 16:03:38

Not sure anyone could see the genitals from a side on photoconfused.

Ljj1987 Sun 12-Apr-15 16:06:23

Sorry I'm new to this haha! I can kinda see a boy looking nub if I tilt my phone slightly. Are you good on skull theory hun xx

insancerre Sun 12-Apr-15 16:11:15

How can you see blue?

Ljj1987 Sun 12-Apr-15 16:13:59

The shape of the skill is more square I thought and I thought I saw a nub between the legs poking out! I'm jusst so impatient see all these gorgeous clothes and I neeeeeeeed yo know now lol xx

Brandysnapper Sun 12-Apr-15 16:14:06

I have two boys and can assure you your family will still feel complete if it turns out to be another boy! If it is important to you to know you might need to get a private scan done to find out. Once they're born they are individuals rather than just boy/girl, I suspect whatever you end up with you would not swap for anything smile

Ljj1987 Sun 12-Apr-15 16:14:44

If you zoom in you can kinda see something x

Justusemyname Sun 12-Apr-15 16:16:22

Skull theory sounds bananas to me.

Psipsina Sun 12-Apr-15 16:19:05

Uh I think that's a leg tbh. Sorry, can't see anything gender-wise.

Ljj1987 Sun 12-Apr-15 16:24:38

Thank you everyone! I'm just so impatient! I thought I saw a boy nub. And thank you brandy I will love whatever I have my little boy is a my best mate just it's my last pregnancy according to the husband and I have such a good bond with my mum as does my sister I would just love that bit obviously healthy is more important x

MrsW1911 Sun 12-Apr-15 16:58:48

Oooooh my friend told me she was sure I was having a girl because of the nub theory and I'm so intrigued because I'm so confident I'm having a boy!! Where's your scan I wanna see, I wanna see!!!! grin

Ljj1987 Sun 12-Apr-15 17:01:35

Hehe it's on the top post Mrs w il put it on again just for you! Xx

MrsW1911 Sun 12-Apr-15 17:06:52

Oh I can't see it! Boo! Is it because I'm on my phone?

Ljj1987 Sun 12-Apr-15 17:18:00

Not sure hun I'm on my phone??? Xx

GlitzAndGigglesx Sun 12-Apr-15 17:23:02

The skull theory is bananas for a start. Mine have changed shape since the 12 week scan and I believe the bit sticking out is your baby's legs

Ljj1987 Sun 12-Apr-15 17:24:20

Thank you glitz maybe il have my girlyyet! I honestly thought it was a peepee lol x

zzzzz Sun 12-Apr-15 17:30:50

You need a front on pic, this one is not going to tell you anything.

Ljj1987 Sun 12-Apr-15 17:41:57

Ok zzz I will put some more on none of my pics are that clear to be honest x

Ljj1987 Sun 12-Apr-15 17:42:48

Here's another

Ljj1987 Sun 12-Apr-15 18:12:48

Any clues please guys xxxx

Dogsmom Sun 12-Apr-15 18:25:16

I don't think you could get a good idea of the skull or nub shape from your pics as they're too fuzzy and your baby is tilted away from the screen.

I spent hours googling the skull theory when I was pregnant and both my girls had a very round forehead but I was lucky because they were both in the right position so the photos were very clear and a perfect profile.

We also had a sexing scan at 16 weeks which was a lovely experience, it was £79 and they did both3d and 4d plus gave us several photos and a dvd recording of it all.

MissBattleaxe Sun 12-Apr-15 18:32:06

How far along are you? I've never come across nubs, skulls or Mnetters telling you the sex from your scan photo before.

I just feel a bit a bit sad that you seem more excited about a girl than a boy.

SunbathingCat Sun 12-Apr-15 18:35:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Justusemyname Sun 12-Apr-15 18:37:24

I think you need to calm down a bit. You're incredibly lucky to be expecting and being so desperate to have one particular sex is never a good idea. You have a bigger disappointment to come if you're having a boy yet if you just acknowledged either would be wonderful you would realise that any baby is a gift, healthy or not, pink or blue.

Ljj1987 Sun 12-Apr-15 19:04:33

Oh you're making me feel awful! Like I said my son is my best mate I love him to pieces as I would if it was a second boy. As I said healthy is the most important thing. I'm not the only person in the world who would love the idea of having a boy and a girl but I would be extremely happy with a healthy boy and would love it the same as I was told myself a few years ago I wouldn't have children and cried for days. Please don't judge me on this as I have said I would love this baby regardless. Thank you x

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