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Secret Saviours anti-stretchmark band

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Bex174 Wed 08-Apr-15 10:26:46

Wondered if anyone else has used this?

I bought the band and gels around 6 weeks back and during the first month I wore it religiously without much issue. But now, each time I put it on I start itching my bump within about 15 minutes. Wondering if I have become a bit sensitive to the pads? Or is this just normal for any bump band, pads or not, due to the pressure on the skin while its stretching?

One thing I can say, the gels smell amazing!!

Hoping to continue wearing this band at some point as the reason it can works makes a bit of sense and it gave me good back support which I am missing in the week since I've stopped constantly wearing it, but I'm just not sure on this itching?

GeekyBabyGifts Wed 29-Mar-17 21:31:11

Hi Bex, I have been using the bump support and gels for over 12 weeks but never had any itch. Do you wear bump covering leggings and do they itch as well?

I have written a detailed review of Secret Saviours – Stretch Mark Prevention Product Review, hope it helps.

Blueskyrain Thu 30-Mar-17 09:11:45

I've been wearing it all day, every day for the last 4 months, bar 2 days. I have one area of stretch marks, which broke out on the two days I didn't wear it. They have since become worse but otherwise it seems to be keeping them at bay. Saying that, I'm only just starting the third trimester, and have a lot of expansion to go, but I'm very, very prone to stretch marks, so I think it's doing its job. No itching at all here.

bekahchara Mon 07-Aug-17 14:19:17

I've been using Secret Saviours and so far it's been amazing! The belt is really supportive too.

If you visit this blog there is a discount code for the packs that's valid until end of this month! - deffo worth a try!

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