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anyone pregnant and working with horses?

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Merlin333 Tue 07-Apr-15 14:28:28

Im 16 wks pregnant and work with horses, still riding atm only sensible ones walking /trotting! and obviously not ifting etc as much as i normally would but need to let work know when i plan to take maternity leave and just wandered when any other people in my shoes stopped work as obviously cant work to close to the end!! x

CherryLips1980 Tue 07-Apr-15 14:39:26

I'd see how you feel to be honest. With my DD (now 16months), I worked in an feed shop until 39weeks, still lifting up to 20kg and carrying up and down stairs etc. horse was on full livery then and I had someone riding her as I got SPD.

This time (now 38w) I stopped riding the day after I hacked her to a new yard, remembering the pain of SPD and have a sharer for her again. Horse is now on DIY and I'm still mucking out/Haynets etc but I know that if I don't feel 100% I can call on the sharer to do her (mum & daughter arrangement, daughter has outgrown the pony, mum hasn't(!) so daughter has moved on to mine & mum still there anyway for the pony). I'm not working this time though - I had so much accrued holiday my boss told me I either had to take it at the start of this maternity leave or lose it, so I've actually been on holiday since the end of January.

The main thing I'm struggling with at the minute is bending to do up rugs etc if I put the pony out for them.

Merlin333 Tue 07-Apr-15 17:06:05

That's handy that you have a sharer! At least you get to keep a close eye and know that shes still getting exercised and you can share the load! I plan to ride for a bit longer as not much of a bump atm but when it starts to get uncomfortable will stop! And although ideally financially it will be better to keep working for as long as possible Im aware that as this is my first I don't know how I will be feeling haha and the thought of poo picking etc in the heat of the summer if Im big is not filling me with joy lol

Ducky23 Tue 07-Apr-15 17:28:49

With my first pregnancy I rode until 30 weeks where it became uncomfortable to get on with my bump, I got someone else to ride (they paid grin) from then.

With my second pregnancy I rode until about 12 weeks, where my 'sensible' horse had a nasty tumble with me on her. It was a complete accident, she wasn't misbehaving but just not paying attention. Thankfully baby was ok but I stopped after that and the other person carried on smile

I think you just need to go with how you are feeling. smile

minijoeyjojo Tue 07-Apr-15 18:46:04

I've got two horses at home and am 14+6, pretty much carrying on as normal at the moment (although I can only hack so it's all pretty slow going!) I have just turned them out 24/7 and loving today with no mucking out!!

I'm now self employed as an equine physical therapist, so will continue with that as long as I feel able to. Im hoping I can adapt the techniques so I can continue working through most of the pregnancy.

MistressKatherine Tue 07-Apr-15 19:07:32

I'm 30 weeks and still riding. Just walking and trotting now but cantered up til 22. It surprisingly doesn't feel uncomfortable, just a little odd with a bump when I trot sometimes because the balance is different. Both my midwife and teacher say to continue for as long as I feel comfortable, which seems sensible.

Southwestwhippet Wed 08-Apr-15 08:05:48

I work with horses, am chief instructor at a fairly large riding school. Am still doing 95% of normal duties (am only 8wks to be fair) but staying off the dodgy breakers! Am not jump schooling as much either.

This is DC2, last time I rode until about 30wks as had terrible hip pain, mostly (I think) from teaching 8 hours a day in the sandy surface in the indoor school. By then I could only walk or gallop - couldn't sit to the trot or canter lol.

Hoping this time will be easier as my job is more rounded so I'm not in the school ALL day and my 'boss' is a lot more understanding - he has to be as he's the father too haha. I'm also a lot more confident in my capabilities as last baby was 5 yrs ago and I've learned a lot since then riding wise so I feel more comfortable riding all sorts.

My biggest concern is to stop riding the silly things when my core strength and balance starts to go, until then it is business as usual as I want to keep my fitness up as much as possible as I'm sure it helps with the birth.

In terms of mat leave, I only lasted until 36 weeks last time and was absolutely destroyed by the end, will not put myself through that again. That said, job I had back then was incredibly stressful with very unsupportive management. Teaching 8 hours a day was just too muc especially as stupid rules like 'you mustn't sit down in the school' 'no food or drink in the school' and back to back lessons that meant I couldn't even go to the loo!! In a more rounded job with supportive team, I would hope to go to 37 weeks this time although probably cut hours back towards the end.

Will follow thread with interest, be nice to have a pregnant-equretrain support thread as it can be very frustrating not being able to do the job and sport you love!

3rdbump Wed 08-Apr-15 23:36:38

With my 3rd pregnancy I was working on a livery yard. Stopped around 13 weeks as had hg. Stopped riding round the same time too. This time 4th pregnancy I work from home different job. Horses both turned away since October. Last rode youngster at 14 weeks. Too sick to do anything ELSE! ! Now the spd kicked in at around 18 weeks. Now 33 weeks just going the field of z bit of poo picking and give them hay. They are of 24/7 anyway. Looking forward to riding again asap��☺

Merlin333 Thu 09-Apr-15 08:32:20

Its good to hear some horsey opinions on this pregnancy malarchy lol and I agree it tends to be the non horsey people that think you must stop riding asap!! I'm definatly going to stick with being sensible and just listening to my body as to when the right time to stop is! And thinking I will probably stop work about six wks b4!! Its a bummer that I have to let work know soon as I may feel up to more when it comes to it but think I will air on the side of caution !

Starsmummy122 Tue 09-Feb-16 23:02:00

Ive enjoyed reading this thread , I've no interest in all the yummy mummy rubbish , I'd much rather meet horsey mums but no idea where to start !

user1455532900 Mon 15-Feb-16 11:01:35

This is an interesting post!
I was eventing BE100 when I realised I was pregnant- totally exhausted half way round the XC is totally not me!

Since then I've not done any jumping, and now I'm 20 weeks just don't seem to have the core strength there to do any decent schooling. I've got myself a competitive sharer to event him for the season and I'm hacking in walk once or twice a week...but like you ladies it's not just the riding!

I'm still mucking out, carrying feed, haynets, water, trying to pick out feet without being able to bend very well! Just offered to move some (plastic) poles around tonight for a friend and got told off that I shouldn't be doing that.... Which has made me worry a bit??!

s098 Mon 15-Feb-16 12:00:17

I was working with horses till i was 30 weeks and probably could of gone a bit longer but the over an hour drive to work and the same back was getting too much.
Luckily i didnt have to ride at work but did have to deal with thoroughbred younsters.
You just have to do what you feel you can do, keeping active is good though!

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