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Anyone chosen names yet??

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Lolabelle Tue 27-Apr-04 14:39:30

I have told family/friends some of the names I have liked only to have been faced with wrinkled noses and disapproving looks or sometimes they just suggest something different!! I liked Oscar but was told it sounded like a dog and I liked Esme only to be told it sounds like the name of the unpopular fat girl that you can imagine noone would like at school??!!!!? I wanted something quite unusual in the way that it wasn't going to become over popular but it seems my choices are not that great!! Anyone else chosen their name syet....??

lazyeye Tue 27-Apr-04 14:42:46

No no ..thou must not reveal the names thou intends for unborn children. Everyone will have an opinion. Wait till the birth, give it the name YOU want cos its YOUR child, and then tell them to get stuffed if they dare voice a negative opinion. They've had their bleedin chance.

Thats my experience anyway. I'm not telling anyone the names I have in mind...except maybe ye lot.

And btw Esme is gorgeous as is Oscar........

Good luck

Babyannabel Tue 27-Apr-04 14:42:57

My daughter has a little friend called Oscar and it is such a sweet name, it really suits him and is so nice to say. I also love Esme and think it is so pretty and elegant. Stick to your own choices here, whatever you say someone will have to give their opinion on it and it just isn't fair on you. It's hard not to discuss it with people isn't it because it's such an exciting decision to make, just don't let people spoil it for you.

beansprout Tue 27-Apr-04 14:57:44

I'm not due until Oct, but already people have asked, and when I tell them what we are considering, they almost invariably look underwhelmed. That's fair enough as it's a very personal thing, but I can't help but think that they are just being a bit nosey, as I certainly don't find it supportive or even very nice.

So nuh. Actually, might come up with a couple of corkers just to really get them going???

piglit Tue 27-Apr-04 15:04:11

My dh tells people that if it's a girl then we'll call it Edward and if it's a boy we'll call it Susan!! People take a while to click but seem to get the message that we're not going to tell them.

CountessDracula Tue 27-Apr-04 15:05:31

FWIW I know a beautiful Esme. Total babe!

Beetroot Tue 27-Apr-04 15:06:31

Message withdrawn

beansprout Tue 27-Apr-04 15:06:36

Good idea Piglit!

May settle for Bert and Maud I think. Am v good at keeping a straight face (ie lying). Will let you know how this tactic goes.

Janh Tue 27-Apr-04 15:09:22

You should all use my new improved guaranteed way of registering your interest in a name without the consequences driving you quite so mad!!!

Give people a list of about 6 boys' and girls' names, including your favourites, without letting anyone know which is your actual choice. This will both stop you looking like copycats if others use your name before you (but make it less likely that your favourite is the one they'll pinch) and limit the number of unhelpful opinions - I don't *think* many people could come up with offensive kneejerk reactions to 6 names at once? (But won't be surprised if I'm proved wrong, bearing in mind the kind of remarks some people apparently feel it's OK to make in other areas!)

Anyway Oscar and Esme are both lovely!

CountessDracula Tue 27-Apr-04 15:11:28

Mary is my dd's middle name

Beetroot Tue 27-Apr-04 15:11:30

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Tue 27-Apr-04 15:14:29

Yeah, come on Jan, outide <rolls up sleeves of cape>

Janh Tue 27-Apr-04 15:15:12

Nothing, beety It just took me sooo long to write it (distractions) that none of the posts after beansprout's were there when I started!

Mary is lovely! (And so are Edward for a girl, Susan for a boy and Bert and Maud for either etc etc!)

I love names threads.

CountessDracula Tue 27-Apr-04 15:15:51

Damn was relishing a good punch up then. Oh well will have to pick on someone else

Janh Tue 27-Apr-04 15:16:32

Yeah - find someone your own size!

Janh Tue 27-Apr-04 15:17:27

BTW my neighbour's son's girlfriend's cat is called Oscar and it's a girl!

twiglett Tue 27-Apr-04 15:17:35

message withdrawn

motherinferior Tue 27-Apr-04 15:19:04

My sister said firmly she wanted Kurt or Courtney.

Try Boris or Doris.

Personally I'm just very impressed at anyone who can select a name before they're actually in labour

lazyeye Tue 27-Apr-04 15:20:15

I quite like some of the old names not unlike Maud, but probably not Maud. I like Eddie as in Eddie Mcready and her fabulous bus,Ada,Ava,Nancy (my fav I think). When I told some close friends they rolled about laughing as said why didn't I just give it some curlers and slippers as soon as it was born.......the cheek. I don't care anyway.......

Janh Tue 27-Apr-04 15:20:47

twiggy, you are sticking with your MGB though, aren't you?

oliveoil Tue 27-Apr-04 15:21:42

Oi, I'm having Mary AND have stated this on a thread recently so if it's nicked I will be round cyberly to sort out the nicker.

CountessDracula Tue 27-Apr-04 15:22:28

Oh jan are you stick insect then?

twiglett Tue 27-Apr-04 15:22:28

message withdrawn

Egypt Tue 27-Apr-04 15:22:49

dh and i are at loggerheads for boys names. had girls name picked years ago! boys include, george, joel, isaac, william, and combined with our surname will produce initials of WIT, IT, GIT,
and dh is desperate for its middle name to be the same as his grandad - who is a god apparently. eveytime we discuss it, he lets me know this again and again and we get no where. am i being nasty in saying ABSOLUTELY NO WAY?!!! (his grandad's name is .......maurice .....ahem

Janh Tue 27-Apr-04 15:23:57

No darling, am an amazon, you would be sorry!

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