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What is on your to buy list for baby to sleep in?

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Superexcited Mon 23-Mar-15 12:44:52

DH is keen to make a list of what we will need to buy over the coming months in preparation for the new arrival. We are way off buying anything as I am only 10 weeks but DH just wants to make a list so that we can set a budget and have some ideas of what we will be buying.
We had a Moses basket with our older two children but neither stayed in them for more than 8 weeks as both babies were quite big and they were not comfortable in the basket. DH mentioned getting a Moses basket (we haven't kept anything so are starting from scratch) but I think we should go for a space saver cot in our room and then a cot bed in the nursery. We plan to have a carrycot for the pram which should suffice for daytime naps in the early weeks.
What is everyone else doing for sleeping arrangements in the first six months?

gingerbreadmam Mon 23-Mar-15 12:49:52

hey super im 10 weeks today too! due date buddies grin

i am a first timer so trying not to get roped into all the fads etc but i have seen on here something called a sleepyhead mentioned which i am considering instead of a moses basket. only thing putting me off is the price (although the people who have mentioned it on here swear by it so likely worth every penny) and the custom sheets that are £35 a go! shock i keep thinking maybe a flanelette sheet down before baby may need extra sheets arent required but as i am a first timer i am questioning whether this is 'safe' or not. gosh i am going to be so pfb i just know it ha!

pinkie87 Mon 23-Mar-15 13:05:47

I'm going for a bednest I think up to 6 months, then moving into a cot bed in the nursery. For downstairs I think I will just use the carry cot that comes with my travel system, although I am tempted by the sleepyhead, it's just so expensive!

Superexcited Mon 23-Mar-15 13:08:24

Hi Ginger.
I hadn't heard of the sleepyhead before but just had a look and they cost ££££ and probably only last a few months before being outgrown. I don't think I could justify buying one.

Teeste Mon 23-Mar-15 13:20:24

I'm considering the Sleepyhead too as our room doesn't really have space for a bedside cot and I'm thinking I could just put the Sleepyhead next to me on the bed (DH will be in another room). I'll be asking my midwife's opinion at our next appointment, all the information about what is and isn't safe is a bit on the confusing side! I don't mind the price as I'd not be paying for a co-sleeper cot as well. We'd then move baby to his own room at around 6 months.

We also bought a Poddle Pod for daytime naps, with a rocker - I adore it already, so cute!

gingerbreadmam Mon 23-Mar-15 13:26:20

if i bought the sleepyhead would be in place of a moses basket. i think you just stick it on the sofa or whatever then on a night you can put it into the cot. i was thinking of buying a standard cot and taking one side off in the early months with the sleepyhead inside cot and up against my side of bed. if we have room. we rent and need to move before baby comes.

it does say lasts until 6 months on the information but reviews suggest more like 4 months but sounds similar to moses basket (although i am a first timer so no expert ha)

Roseybee10 Mon 23-Mar-15 13:27:33

My best buys for sleep

Swaddle pod (Velcro bits for making swaddling easy)
Sleeping bags for when they're a bit older.
This time we got a side along cot which attaches to the bed and I LOVE it. We got the snuzpod but I think graco do one too. You can drop the side of it so you're almost co sleeping if baby is unsettled and it should do until 6 months but it takes up less space than a space saver.

gingerbreadmam Mon 23-Mar-15 13:34:07

love the look of the poddle pod might be useful to keep at my dms as i imagine ill spend a lot of time there when on maternity leave. never heard of that so thanks.

i have a silly question about cosleeping actually. if for example you bought a sleepy head with the intention of using it to co-sleep, does the sleepyhead then go on the bed and the baby under your duvet? it just doesnt sound safe but i wanted to double check incase im being stupid?

Superexcited Mon 23-Mar-15 13:40:52

The poddle pod looks really tiny, what age is it suitable for? I'm just really wary about buying things that will only last 6/8 weeks. My last bubba was 10lb at birth so being a chunky monkey he outgrew everything mega quickly.

Teeste Mon 23-Mar-15 13:44:41

Baby never goes under your duvet - risk of suffocation. But as to whether the Sleepyhead can go on your bed - I don't know! That's what I'll be asking the midwife. I can't honestly see any reason why not. I could even put something 'hard' underneath it if mattress softness is a problem. The general issues with bed-sharing are if the parents smoke, drink or are on drowsiness-inducing medication/drugs. Or, if the baby is in the actual bed with them, rolling over onto them and smothering them. I think the Sleepyhead removes that last problem, and I don't do any of the former.

BTW - the Poddle Pod comes with a carry bag so you can take it with you to various places smile

Teeste Mon 23-Mar-15 13:47:29

Superexcited the Poddle Pod is supposed to be for 0-6 months, then there's the larger Toddle Pod. A bit like the Sleepyhead and Sleepyhead Grande. I guess you could always sell it on?

I don't mean to be evangelistic about it, and I don't have shares in the company, honest! We just went to a baby show the other week and were treated to the whole Poddle spiel grin

gingerbreadmam Mon 23-Mar-15 13:51:07

i dont either teeste. ahh thats a relief it didnt make sense the baby would be under the duvet but then i was thinking doe baby go in middle on top of the duvet, what if you turn over and pull the duvet? im not actually planning on co-sleeping but if i ever did resort to it id want to do it safely.

been looking on poddle pod faqs and it says on there baby should be supervised in the poddle pod. also when purchasing says 0-6 months so again its probably all dependant on how big baby is etc.

jessplussomeonenew Mon 23-Mar-15 13:57:05

We got a sleepyhead at about 4 months and it made a real difference - as someone said in the review that convinced me to buy it, for what it is, it's exorbitant, for what it does, it's a bargain! DS wouldn't sleep in the crib at all until we got the sleepyhead.

More generally the duvet should never go near the baby. If you put the sleepyhead between you, I'd recommend using sleeping bags or two single duvets and tucking them well out of the way so there's no chance they could get over the baby. Unless you have a really big bed (at least king size, ideally super) I'd suggest getting a crib, perhaps a co-sleeper, to put the sleepyhead in next to your bed. We have a poddle pod for daytime naps but it's not recommended for night times - the sleepyhead is designed for night time but as far as I'm aware it's not been CE approved.

Teeste Mon 23-Mar-15 14:12:31

That makes sense jess. We have a memory foam superking, so that's why we can't fit an actual crib in blush

My mum is constantly boggling at all these new rules, and was shocked when I told her she couldn't make me cot bumpers as they carry a suffocation/airflow risk. She keeps telling me about when, in her day, people put babies in drawers and cardboard boxes!

gingerbreadmam Mon 23-Mar-15 14:12:53

i saw on the poddle pod site that theres wasnt CE approved as that approval wouldnt usually be given to equipment like that?

yes i think a crib or cot is a good idea as i say not planning on co-sleeping. i like to touch dp when asleep (probs all go out the window when baby comes) but i did wonder.

i saw a lot of people on the amazon reviews saying it was money well spent so thank you for sharing that. did you buy multiple sheets or just cover with a cot sheet?

LovelyWeatherForDucks Mon 23-Mar-15 14:22:47

We had a Moses basket last time (and a terrible sleeper!). This time I've bought a co sleeper crib (Chicco next 2 me - this one worked best with our bed frame) and a sleepyhead.

gingerbreadmam Mon 23-Mar-15 14:32:30

what kind of bed frame do you have if you dont mind me asking? i have a sleigh type bed and wondered if the next to me would be safe with that?

i guess with the sleepyhead at first it wouldnt really matter as that would keep baby safe and where it should be but i have visions of there being a gap and problems with a small gap?

is co-sleeping as in above and not in the bed still useful if you decide to formula feed? i havent made any decisions on anything yet.

poocatcherchampion Mon 23-Mar-15 14:57:08

I'd buy a co sleeper cot if I was starting from scratch. And a cot bed for their own room

gingerbreadmam Mon 23-Mar-15 15:09:52

i seem to have hi-jacked the thread sorry but all this info is so useful.

Superexcited Mon 23-Mar-15 16:07:21

I hadn't thought about a co sleeper cot but it is worth considering as I plan to breast feed so it would make life very easy. I just need to see if we have enough space for one.

ThisWayNow Mon 23-Mar-15 16:40:22

I've just bought a chicco next2me and set it all up. baby's not here yet so haven't tried it out but I'm very pleased with what it promises so far.

HazleNutt Mon 23-Mar-15 17:13:45

Same as for DS - co-sleeper cot (Fabimax) upstairs and Amby Baby hammock for daytime naps. Amby is not cheap, but he loved it, so hopefully next one will too.

birchwoods Mon 23-Mar-15 21:07:46

We're getting a Snuzpod and then a cot bed for the nursery.

crazypuglady Mon 23-Mar-15 21:38:01

I'm looking at the Chico next2me for our room and taking to GPs houses and then a corned for baby's room.

crazypuglady Mon 23-Mar-15 21:38:36

Corned? Cotbed even. Stupid phone.

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