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has anyone on here who has taken cocaine during pregnancy, either had problems with the pregnancy or even had a fine pregnancy /baby? pls don't judge

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thatsnotmyname17 Mon 16-Mar-15 15:10:42

I am amazed being Mrs sensible I have even found myself posting this.

I have just found out I am pregnant.

I was out drinking with friends mistake 1 but most people will have been drunk before finding out they are pregnant!! This I'm fine with and drinking stops.

However the group of people I was with were doing coke. Not a bother to me, it's their life.
However there were canapés on offer which I thought nothing of and ate. One of the guys had put some on a flipping salmon snack?!!!! He says wasn't a lot, less than a line or thereabouts (I'm not a coke user so I've no idea what a line would look like quantity wise) anyway I did feel the effects of it. I have no idea if I was off my head or just a little bit high.

The morals and issues with that aside (he has been dealt with) I'm worried what that will have done to the development of a five week old baby?! Such a small amount as a one off I would have hoped would not cause an issue I hope however Dr Google tells me I'm going to hell and have done irreparable damage. I don't want to raise this to my gp as it'll be put on my record as I'm a user when I'm not at all.

Has anyone done this during early pregnancy and if so what were the consequences For you/baby.

I really don't need the judging etc as it's not needed. my biggest concern at the time is that I still bf my youngest (nearly two years old) occasionally at night and I've temporarily stopped as I've no idea how long it takes to leave your body. None of these people are regular users, city workers letting loose but have learnt a lesson from this I hope. They now know I'm still bf but not that I'm pregnant.

fhdl34 Mon 16-Mar-15 15:13:31

I would be inclined to tell your midwife, and re the breastfeeding you can ring the BFN helpline

thatsnotmyname17 Mon 16-Mar-15 15:13:41

Should reiterate I literally ate it and not sniffing it.

I assume the effect is the same as still entering blood stream. I didn't even eat thw whole snack as the taste was horrid but my mouth was filled with the taste, very similar to when you are taking paracetamol and it stays in your mouth too lon, so definitely not just salmon sad

saganoren Mon 16-Mar-15 15:14:04

I know three people who did this, all quite independently of each other, obviously not knowing who were pregnant at the time. Their babies were absolutely fine and they're healthy children now. I hope that reassures you.

saganoren Mon 16-Mar-15 15:15:15

Sorry, not knowing they were pregnant at the time. They were snorting coke recreationally when babies would have been around 3-5 weeks.

Mama1980 Mon 16-Mar-15 15:17:48

Hi. I think you need to ask professional advice, from your midwife or your gp. I know it's not something you want to do but I think you need professional advice.
I was critically ill after the birth of my youngest and had to 'pump and dump' for three days after receiving certain medication before breastfeeding my son but that was with iv meds I have no idea about when you've ingested something.
I hope you're ok.

Stinkylinky Mon 16-Mar-15 15:24:16

Why would anyone put coke on a salmon snack? I used to use recreational drugs quite often and that is just odd.

I don't have any answers for you OP but I hope you're okay x

thatsnotmyname17 Mon 16-Mar-15 15:34:44

My question exactly!!!

But he was arsing about and thought it was hilarious. But the intended recipient never had it I did!! He saw me but thought I'd be ok with eating it until I went mental upon finding out what it was.

More money than sense. It's awkward as he's the bf of my best friend but I can't forgive him or even talk to her now as I'm fuming. He does know I have kids and I am not ok with drug taking when in charge of kids.
It does bother me when normal nice nights out end in drugs, normally I leave but I didn't as far from home. I had an awful head yesterday and a bit today but I've been really stressing about it Too so maybe down to that. But I can't get it out of my head that I may have damaged a baby already. Albeit not my fault.

I've an appointment Thursday but don't want to be flagged for this as I've got kids and really don't have anything to do with drugs ever.

mrsmugoo Mon 16-Mar-15 15:38:34

I find it very odd too!

I've done my fair share of recreational drugs over the years including when I didn't realise I was pregnant.

I was utterly devastated and considered an abortion (even though I'm mid thirties, happily married and was very much ready for a baby)

I was beside myself and of course told the HCPs everything. Apparently it's so common they almost laughed at me.

My DS is a year old now and is perfect. Although I would never be so lax about contraception ever again if I was partaking!!

In answer to your question. You are fine.

P.S surely if you'd "eaten" cocaine you would have noticed the incredibly bitter taste and then have a very numb mouth??

First time I've ever heard of someone getting spiked with coke on a salmon canapé! grin

thatsnotmyname17 Mon 16-Mar-15 15:40:59

Ps am pumping and dumping but amounts are tiny? He does only bf at night and probably comfort feeding or sucking so maybe normal AmounTs that I'm seeing.

Good point at calling a bf worker. At least I can do anonymous

Number3cometome Mon 16-Mar-15 15:43:56

Eating it is worse than sniffing it, it stays in your blood stream for longer.

However, one line or less on one canape is not likely going to cause massive effects.

If you need reassurance then call BPAS, but I wouldn't mention to your GP as they will note it down.

I would tell your friend that if she ever witnesses her BF doing anything like that again you will report him to the police. Drugging people is illegal.

thatsnotmyname17 Mon 16-Mar-15 15:47:04

Mrsmug - yep I did have a numb mouth and lips, I went into chatter mode and apparently I was smacking my lips!!

I actually didn't believe it was coke as I didn't think it was a "thing" to put on food and I actually believe it wasnt something like a pill but they didn't have anything other than cocaine. I wanted to know exactly what and how much but they were all off their faces but were adamant it was only coke they had. I tried to wipe out my mouth!! But it was all one my teeth and I swallowed some of the salmon which apparently had it on top on the dressing!? Posh spiking at its best I guess. sad

Joking aside, what if I'd reacted or had fallen ill? That's why I'm so cross too.

I could see powder on the side, like teething powder but lumpy.

GlitzAndGigglesx Mon 16-Mar-15 15:50:20

I agree with number3. He spiked someone and found it funny hmm stop hanging around with pricks like this. Hope you and the baby are well though

SophieandHerSnail Mon 16-Mar-15 15:56:30

Really twatty behaviour! Any way of finding out how much he had put on the canapé? You can find info online for the half life of recreational drugs, to work out when you are safe to breastfeed again. Probably around 48 hours although I don't know for sure as it's a while since I looked into it.

thatsnotmyname17 Mon 16-Mar-15 15:57:22

See that's angered me even more, if it stays in your blood stream longer as I've had in my mouth a probably in my belly.

I've actually spoken to him today saying I'm talking to police about it. My friend has been trying to call me about it but I'm too busy worrying about this to care about their concerns.

To be honest, it's probably a killed friendship as a result. I'll be sticking to my mum mates!

yummymango Mon 16-Mar-15 15:58:58

I would say that because you were less than 5 weeks you should be ok. Any later then I would worry, whether it's a line or more/less it's possible to cause damage. What an idiot to something like that - especially knowing that non-coke takers were there. I would be more than angry if that happened to me.

Number3cometome Mon 16-Mar-15 16:05:23

Cocaine can be detected in the urine for 4-8 hours after a single snorted (nasal) dose, and up to 24 hours after a single ingested (oral) dose (1).

A breakdown product of cocaine, benzoylecgonine can be detected in the urine for up to 60 hours after a single use, or up to 22 days after repeated use

Number3cometome Mon 16-Mar-15 16:06:03

That's a snipet from the net. I hope that helps.

No one can say if it has effected the embryo, although I would have thought as a one off, no.

thatsnotmyname17 Mon 16-Mar-15 16:12:02

Thanks BTW to everyone posting.

I've been beside myself over this. I Will be doing something about him but thinking about what first!

CoffeeToffee Mon 16-Mar-15 16:23:27

I'd call the police I would be so furious. He has assaulted you. You wouldn't think twice about it in different circumstances. What if you had health issues or it had triggered a bad reaction. It's beyond twatty behaviour.

I had a close friend who took drugs including coke when she didn't realise that she was pregnant. She stopped as soon as she knew. Her son was diagnosed with Aspergers but has grown up to be a lovely young man. She blames the drugs but there is no knowing if they are to blame. She only took drugs recreationally.

I'm sure you will be fine but I'm sure you would feel better if you spoke to an expert about it rather than just hearing annecdotal stories on the Internet.
Getting advice anonymously over the phone is a good idea.

Good luck.

Gemerama Mon 16-Mar-15 16:32:26

You poor thing. What an ordeal.

I don't know much about drugs, only ever smoked a bit of weed back in my teens and early 20s, but not a lot. I'd imagine that small an amount as a one off at that stage won't do any damage. It's not even feeding off you at that point...that's what I tell myself about getting drunk 2 days before my bfp anyway...:-/

As pps have said I wouldn't speak to the prick again. Unacceptable behaviour.

sbear22 Mon 16-Mar-15 16:53:00

congrats on your pregnancy flowers. i'd definitely call the police, that is beyond a joke. i'd also consult a doctor myself and make sure you express that you were spiked so that you're not called a user. i'd imagine one instance like this wouldn't cause a great deal of trouble if any. best of luck

thatsnotmyname17 Mon 16-Mar-15 17:54:26

Thank you.

I worked out from conception I'd be 5 weeks exactly so very early but very vulnerable.

I go in Thursday afternoon.

I've just had a visit ffrom my friend that I've ignored The door for. I'm not ready to think about her. Thursday needs to hurry up! I'm guessing there's also not s lot that can be done or said or like is said above, considering termination but I don't feel I could but if I knew I'd damaged a baby maybe I'd feel different. but I also imagine they couldn't even confirm or deny that.

For that person, it's just Monday for me it's been a day of torment sad

Messygirl Mon 16-Mar-15 18:12:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Moreisnnogedag Mon 16-Mar-15 18:31:58

I personally can see why you wouldn't speak to your mw about it. It will be flagged on your file although they should be nothing but sympathetic. I'd approach the confidential lines above. Saying that I think a single dose won't cause any harm. Would you be prepared to wait for your 12 week scan?

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