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Stomach pains in early pregnancy is this normal? Worried.

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Discodolly100 Fri 27-Oct-06 14:54:33

Just found out I'm pregnant last week So I'm now 5-6 weeks. Been having mild, period type cramps ever since then which I understand is fairly normal. Also been feelig bloated and tender around my stomach like I've got an inflatable ball inside me under my ribs. Also feeling a bit faint and light headed. Is all of this normal? How long will this last? Should I check with the doctor? (No bleeding or anything).

lulumama Fri 27-Oct-06 14:59:04

tis all normal.....some women experience the early syptoms of pregnancy more strongly than others... there are massive hormonal changes going on within your body ...

make sure you eat if you can and look after yourself....

cramping & tummy pains are to be expected...but any bleeding / spotting combined with pain should be invevstigated..

sounds like all is fine ....

Mumpbump Fri 27-Oct-06 15:02:26

Go to the doctor's. It will put your mind at rest, if nothing else. I had a m/c recently which started with light bleeding and then what I thought were period pains (didn't know I was pg) which got quite painful. Only twigged that it might be a m/c because the way they came and went reminded me a bit of labour... Can't be too careful if you ask me! Once you're further into the pregnancy, you'll know what's normal for you.

bumperlicious Fri 27-Oct-06 18:36:34

Hi Discodolly

I'm 6wks too and I have been getting bad stomach cramps too, sometimes waking me up in the middle of the night. I think it is just your uterus expanding, apparently by 7 wks it had grown twice the size! (DH has been reading the pregnancy books at work!) That's a lot of growing so no wonder it's painful!

I get quite uncomfortable sitting around for a long time. It's not as bad as it was last week though, so maybe it's easing off - now the nausea has started!

ShowOfBloodyAndSeveredHands Fri 27-Oct-06 19:15:55

Congratulations on your pg Discodolly! All very normal, I had cramps from about weeks 4 to 8, just like period pain. I'm 11wks now and the cramps have stopped. I think feeling faint, light-headed, nauseous, hungry, thirsty, constipated, needing the loo, strange dreams, odd cramps, mood swings, odd cravings, strange tastes are only some of the common symptoms of early pg!

All good fun, huh? Hope you have a happy, healthy nine months.

lemonAIIEEE Fri 27-Oct-06 19:16:55

All very normal. Congratulations!

Discodolly100 Mon 30-Oct-06 08:42:51

Thank you all for your kind advice it's very reassuring

bunny75 Mon 30-Oct-06 09:13:08

CONGRATS....just to say I had the same thing in early weeks too. its something to do with the 'implantation' of the embryo into the lining of your womb, and can cause cramping and even some spotting......i hope i'm right sure thats what i was told!!! anyway, as others have said, totally normal

jules200 Sun 03-Jun-07 22:01:18

I have just found out i'm 5 weeks pregnant after trying for nearly two years. But find it really hard to get excited as i am experience pains in my stomach not in one place but all over. No bleeding as yet. Had a miscarriage two years ago and worried the same thing is going to happen. They have been continuous for the last week but have eased off abit today. Has anyone else experienced this at the beginning of their pregnancy and did all end well. Got an appointment coming through for the early pregnancy unit for a scan but really scared its going to be bad news please help love to hear from anyone who has any advise.Jules

pussycatmomma Sun 03-Jun-07 22:42:44

hi jules, i dont have any wise words for you, but having read your post just wanted to say I hope all goes well. I too have just found out im prg. I am around 6 and a half weeks i think. There is an antenatal thread for ladies due in jan , it is under the New Year thread, im sure you will get lots of support from knowledgable people if you post on there.
Goodluck sweetie x

CountTo10 Sun 03-Jun-07 22:49:17

I'm just over 5 weeks and Ive had pains like this. Also had it with my first pg. It's a mixture of the uterus expanding and moving things out of the way and the surrounding ligaments etc helping it to stretch out. If you're concerned go to the docs but it should start easing off. Btw there is a feb thread going as well just in case you've sneaked into Feb like me!!!

aikigypsy Sun 03-Jun-07 23:02:19

Congratulations, I hope everything goes well for you.

Cramps are totally normal, in my very limited experience, but you're supposed to go into total panic mode with bright red bleeding.

W.r.t. the lightheadedness -- sometimes it's because you're getting dehydrated. In the early weeks of pregnancy your blood volume starts increasing like crazy, and it's a lot easier to get dehydrated. Drink more water, it should help.

MamaMaiasaura Sun 03-Jun-07 23:08:09

I started a similar thread when i was around 6 weeks. Apprantly it is completely normal to experience some pain/discomfort as ligaments stretching and all growing down there. I am now 9 weeks, have had a few aches today, when it happened i tend to just rest ofr a bit. Lots of growing going on in there so bound to feel a bit achey . If accompanied by bleeding or really severe pain obv seek medical help then.

THe sonograhper midwife at the Early Pregnancy UNit also reassured me this is normal. Hope you have a fantastically hewlathy preganancy. As pussycatmumma said, we have a new year thread in antenatal threads, come and join us as lots of us in similar situation. Is nice to know you are not alone. xx

beansprout Mon 04-Jun-07 08:47:54

Just wanted to say that I have had the same. It's a bit disconcerting as that feeling usually means my period is about to start. V normal for early preg though. Hope you are ok. I am on the Feb thread too, so hope to see you there (if that's when you are due!)

jules200 Mon 04-Jun-07 19:46:30

Thank you all so much for replying to me it was so nice to hear other people have experienced the same symptoms. Went to the Early Pregnancy Unit today for a scan as i was still in alot of discomfort and they although it was to early to see heartbeat they did say all looked well and everything looked how it should at this stage of pregnancy got to go back in 10 days. As long as there is no bleeding they have said not to worry.

akw Wed 13-Jun-07 19:44:45


I have had stomach and back pain from 4 weeks (now 6 wks). Had a misc at 5 weeks last time so was very worried, been for two scans now but still too early to see a heartbeat so I am going again for another scan on Monday. All lovely at the hospital and it realy puts your mind at rest.

bluebell82 Thu 14-Jun-07 08:11:15

Hi just wanted to say that I experienced up until 5.5 weeks. I went to a&e I was that concerned. I was scanned and they could see everything was fine and said that it might be a mixture of nerves about miscarriage and also just my body changing.. I had another scan ten days later and the heart beat was there flashing away, so fingers crossed for you. I am now 8 weeks and not feeling anything except very sore boobs, immense tiredness and a slight amount of nausea.. good luck x

Princesspowersparkle Thu 14-Jun-07 08:38:38

Hi Jules
That sounds really positive. I had a scan at 5/6 weeks due to bad pains too and it showed a sac and yolk etc. Had one 2 weeks later and there was a little alien with a heartbeat. I am now 35 weeks (tomorrow).
Everything will be fine. Congratulations!

Sparkey Tue 24-Jul-07 21:55:38

Hi, I'm new here but you're the first site i've found discussing cramps. Am praying that someone can shed some light on my problem a little.

Had IVF and egg replaced just over 1 week ago. Yesturday, woke up with severe period pain (was hard taking breaths), fainted and threw up. Felt really hot and had to lie where I dropped for 30 - 45 mins until the pain finally stopped.

Expected AF imminently but didn't come and 36 hours later still no sign. Now getting tiny cramps if I move too fast so have been taking things easy. Too early to know if I am pregnant. Due to test this Monday.

Somethings happening and worried it's really early mc threatening or possible ectopic in the making. No one ever associates healthy early pregnancy with severe pain. Any ideas ?

bright Thu 09-Aug-07 19:19:09

Hi, my last period was 5 1/2 weeks ago (I was due 11 days ago!) We've been trying for a baby for 4 months and had an early miscarriage on the first month - although the pregnancy was not diagnosed the dr. thought it was a lost pregnancy from the symptoms.
I've been getting bad stomach cramps for 2 weeks on and off with headaches, tiredness, dizzy spells if I bend down and get up too quickly, nausea and loss of appetite (all on and off!) I've done so many tests...all negative...I've had an ultrasound because of the pain but they only found a cyst on the ovary and are not worried and too early to tell if preg. Waiting for blood test results Any ideas?

PurlyQueen Sun 12-Aug-07 17:02:50

Congratulations to everyone!
I can't believe I'm posting here! I'm 7 weeks, and let's just say that this pregnancy is the biggest birthday surprise I've ever had.
I have mild cramps all the time, lots of saliva in my mouth, I'm peeing like a racehorse and I can sleep for England.
No sickness yet, but I'm sure that will come.
Oh - and my boobs have never been so sore. I'll never complain about PMT again

softmusk Sun 12-Aug-07 18:23:30

i had really bad back and tummy pains from about 6 weeks felt like i was in early labour
went to doctor told me all was ok as long as no bleeding
11 weeks now and are going now only come on if i do to much

Bessie123 Mon 13-Aug-07 15:26:11

I'm 14 weeks and still getting some pains, but doc doesn't seem worried about it, so I guess it must be normal.

Sparky, I'm afraid I can't help but your pain does sound v severe. Hope everything is ok. Have you seen a doctor?

Kel01 Fri 17-Aug-07 09:54:28

Im just coming up to 6 weeks pregnant and i have period like pains at least once a day. My doctor says its nothing to worry about unless it hurts when i press my tummy but im still a little worried.
Is this normal?

mel1988 Thu 19-Jun-08 16:35:41

hi there just found out im pregnant think im about 5 weeks due to see doc to confirm it 2moro.had bad cramps and backpain and was really worried stil am in all honesty been to see the nurse practioner she says i have a water infection?! reading all your comments has reasured me that im not alone with these cramps just worried me as i dont remember avin them with my 1st child.Been trying for a year aswell now so not quite sunk in yet. need to rest now and stop panicing i think b4 its bk 2 work sunday! melissa xx

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