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Emetophobic now pregnant and terrified

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Irish1978 Sun 22-Feb-15 18:00:15

Just found out last week I am 6 weeks pregnant. Mixed feelings about the news but me and OH have been trying for a few months so it wasn't a complete shock. Since then I have been feeling nauseous practically all day every day. Eating helps but as I have had emetophobia for over 20 years i am terrified of being sick. It is starting to take over my every thought every day I haven't gone into work cos I am so anxious and don't want to tell my boss. I am terrified of what lies ahead and keep on thinking this must get worse as time goes on. I want to go to my doc who knows of my phobia. Is there anything they can do or give to help? I am becoming so engrossed with thinking about my phobia that I am simply terrified and can't sleep feeling exhausted and just want to be normal. Any help advice out there for ladies like me? I really don't want to be sick ����

bringonthebiscuits Sun 22-Feb-15 18:03:19

See your gp as soon as you can and see what they suggest. Don't suffer alone there may be more help than you realise.

StayGoldPonyBoy Sun 22-Feb-15 18:04:54

I'm the same. I made DH sign a contract saying I'd do the most evil nappies if he did vomitgrin I can handle baby sick but proper vomit I just can't deal with. Have you thought about this when your LO is here?

I was very nauseous when I was pregnant with DD. I only threw up about twice because I just won't do it. I refuse to be sick. Do you have any methods to stop yourself? I do deep breathing and hold my pressure points on my wrists and can usually overcome it. Eat little and often and drink as much water as you can. Hopefully it'll pass in a few weeks.

noblegiraffe Sun 22-Feb-15 18:06:21

I was nauseous for weeks in early pregnancy but was never sick. You won't necessarily be sick.

You can see your doctor, but I think they would not be able to do anything if you aren't actually suffering from sickness.

What is it you are worried most about? Could you make some preparations so that if you are sick it isn't as bad? (E.g.carry a sick bag, wipes, gloves)?

Nodney Sun 22-Feb-15 18:06:41

There is help available Irish. Just tell your Dr how you feel. I've had three boys and felt so sick but never was. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

LadyIsabellaWrotham Sun 22-Feb-15 18:07:40

For reassurance, bear in mind that most pregnant women don't ever vomit due to morning sickness, and if you're now 6 weeks there's a fair chance that this is as bad as it's going to get - if you haven't been sick yet then it's likely that you won't, and it will probably magically resolve at 12 weeks.

However, babies and children do get D&V, and some get it a lot, so if you haven't tried CBT or other cures, then this is your prompt to try any cure you haven't yet felt able to cope with. Talk to your GP.

Jaffakake Sun 22-Feb-15 18:09:29

This is my 2nd pg. the first I was only sick once - I think it was down to dehydration, so that's something you can actively avoid. This time I've not been sick at all.

I've felt nauseous both times, roughly the same time of the day. Perhaps you're feeling a bit more nauseous as you're so worried?

It is usual for nausea to go away from about 12 weeks, so you're half way through it.

Try to think positive (although I admit I have no experience of phobias) and if you have to confide in your boss - do it. My view is the 12 week waiting thing is a bit daft cos I'm the sort of person who couldn't hide my upset if it all went wrong. It can often be very helpful to confide in someone at work. Your boss has to keep it to themselves if you ask them to.

Ladypug Sun 22-Feb-15 18:09:32

I am not emetophobic but I am blood phobic and pregnancy phobic (there really is such a thing!) I only found out I was pregnant yesterday and I'm handling it on and off but there have been some pretty dark points! With the blood stuff I'm reminding myself it's maybe 3 blood tests tops and that's getting me through it. I don't know when sickness starts and finishes but I believe it's around week 4 it starts and week 12 it finishes in which case you're halfway through it! You're doing ACE! X

Irish1978 Sun 22-Feb-15 18:11:59

Thanks everyone I am definitely going to go to my gp to see what help could be available. I am eating little and often and it seems to be helping. I feel like I am going round the bend when all I want to do is celebrate my first pregnancy and be happy. My OH is very supportive and I am reading some books to help my phobia and am going to seek some further therapy as I had CBT but it didn't work. Just need to take a day at a time smile

Jaffakake Sun 22-Feb-15 18:12:43

Oh & in terms of the future, by 2.5yrs old our son had learnt to be sick in a potty. We were amazed (he's a bit of a tidy freak!) but just so you know kids are smart & can help you at a remarkably young age.

DanyStormborn Sun 22-Feb-15 18:40:45

I am emetaphobic too. Severe and almost constant nausea started at 6 weeks and I was terrified it would get worse as each first trimester week passed and the hormones increased. But it didn't or I learnt to cope with it better. I felt terrible at times but I was never actually sick and I felt less scared as each week passed and I had successfully avoided vomiting - I had confidence I wouldn't the next week either. By 12 weeks most nausea was gone, by 14 weeks my appetite etc was completely back to normal.

Irish1978 Mon 23-Feb-15 12:14:20

Just an update folks. I slept terribly last night very very anxious and had nausea so I went to the doc this morning. He knows my history so because I am feeling so bad he has prescribed me some antihistamines to help. Quite lucky really as normally only reserved for those who are quite sick but he knows that it will help my overall state of mind. Looking forward to feeling better and hopefully starting to enjoy this time x

LollieLoves Mon 23-Feb-15 12:24:06

It's great to hear your GP was so understanding. I just wanted to say that hypnotherapy can be quite miraculous for getting rid of phobias. It got rid of my needle phobia in one session! And it was a bad one..... I was amazed, but have since discovered this is one of the areas hypnotherapy really excels in. Much quicker and more effective than CBT. Good luck!

Irish1978 Mon 23-Feb-15 12:33:39

Thanks Lollie I have enquired about hypnotherapy so am taking the right steps smile

Cornberry Mon 23-Feb-15 13:31:34

I have a friend who has this and she is on her third pregnancy and despite nausea has not once been sick. Could be luck but maybe it's a thing where your body simply refuses to be sick? If so it may nylon may never actually vomit. Good luck x

quellerosiel Mon 23-Feb-15 14:03:43

Hon SOOO well done for gett5 help!! I've suffered with this my whole life and its the worst. No one gets it. So happy for you that you've got an awesome gp.

If you can manage hypnotherapy it is incredible. I have done it and it makes me feel so much more in control and that actually a certain level of 'eew..' is completely normal.

I have so much admiration for you even trying, I cannot imagine anything more terrifying than unprotected sex in case I was to become pregnant. You really are amazing and inspiring smile

Best of luck with it!

Ladypug Mon 23-Feb-15 22:05:01

Ooooh I might try hypnotherapy for blood phobia! Thanks!

Hazandduck Fri 03-Jun-16 18:48:26

I found out I am five weeks yesterday. I have felt fine just cramping and a little queasy at lunch however by the end of the day at work I came over with the most sudden terrifying nausea and I am now so terrified it will be like this every day. I have never had nausea like it! I was walking out of work and had to sit on a bench as I genuinely thought I was going to be sick and was crying shaking on my own with so many people walking around me I can't cope my partner has wanted this for 9 years and he is so happy. I want to be but the thought of this feeling for 2 more months is killing me. Please someone help me.

tayloro123 Wed 13-Jul-16 20:32:16

I have this too , and according to my doctor I'm 7 weeks pregnant yesterday! I get myself in such a panic and I'm constantly looking up on internet sites to see other people pregnancys! I'm absolutely terrified of being sick! So I got the sickness sea bands and some sickness meds of my doctor and I do get a little neaseus sometimes but I take a tablet and it soon goes away! It's the fact I don't no weather its nerves or pregnancy thats making me feel sick! I feel awful because I wanna enjoy this pregnancy and bond with my baby! My fingers are crossed and I'm hoping for the best!

CaptainBrickbeard Wed 13-Jul-16 20:43:01

I see this is a zombie thread but for the recent posters - congratulations on your pregnancy. I am/was emetophobic and has hyperemesis - basically the nightmare scenario. There was nothing on earth that could prevent me from vomiting. It was really hard and I struggled but in the end it did alleviate some of my anxiety around vomit because I simply threw up so much but I learned some coping strategies to calm myself. I refused all pain relief in labour in case it made me nauseous as I preferred any level of pain to vomiting but I did get pregnant a second time (and had hyperemesis again) so it was obviously worth it and I do feel more able to cope with vomit situations now. It happened, I couldn't stop it but I could cope with it even though I didn't think I ever would. I do get panicky on the thankfully rare occasions my kids have vomited but again, I managed. You have all my sympathy but I can tell you from the other side that you can and will get through. The absolute best thing is to get plenty of rest and be signed off work if you can. Good luck.

AlfieTheRailwayCat Thu 14-Jul-16 10:03:41

Hi irish

I'm emetophobic too and I'm 36 weeks pregnant now. I also went to the Dr and got tablets to help wh nausea.
Eating small and regular definitely helps as does lots of sleep so go to bed early.
I also bought travel sickness bands to wear on my wrists.
I second hypnotherapy but you could start at home - look up relaxation clips on YouTube, you want something about 25-35minutes long and you should listen to it before you go to sleep. It will help you relax all over.
Believe me I know how hard this is but I also forced myself to go to work, I had a few moments where I sobbed my wee heart out but ultimately I actually think that work helped me to distract myself from feeling nauseous.

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