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Am I pregnant or early miscarraige?

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Tillycat99 Wed 18-Feb-15 18:12:40

Hi, I'm new to all this. Have recently been trying to get pregnant for the first time and had unprotected sex with my partner. I came on a whole week earlier than my due date and that never ever happens. It was like a normal period with smallish blood clots and lasted 3 days. My actual period was due yesterday but it hasn't come. I've been doing loads of reading on internet and mostly this is a sign of an early miscarriage but some women are saying that they have had heavy early periods and still pregnant. Am so confused. Have booked an appointment with my doctor but earliest can see him is next week and I am going out of my mind. Has anyone ever experienced this and still pregnant? Love to hear from you.

minibmw2010 Wed 18-Feb-15 18:25:07

Can you buy a test and do it at home?

Tillycat99 Wed 18-Feb-15 18:30:51

What's a good accurate test? I will do it tomorrow but was wondering if anyone has had this and still pregnant

Pieface5 Wed 18-Feb-15 18:43:45

Clearblue digi are good and accurate, although the weeks predictor on them can be inaccurate.
I thought I had my period but it was about 6 days early which is unusual.It only lasted 3 days which is also unusual so I took a test, still a couple of days before period was due, and was positive. So you could be pregnant as I am smile

Tillycat99 Wed 18-Feb-15 18:53:13

Congratulations Pieface5 I'm so happy for you. Have given me hope now.
I will go and buy it now and take the test. If indeed I did have an early miscarriage then the test will show as positive because I've still got the hormones in my body. I just can't wait for next week to see my GP.

SoonToBeSix Wed 18-Feb-15 19:05:20

Sounds like implantation bleeding.

Pieface5 Wed 18-Feb-15 19:10:42

Good luck Tillycat! My fingers are crossed for you.
I bought a pack of 2 tests and did one that day and one a week later to be sure it wasn't just hormones after miscarriage. Even though it didn't necessarily mean anything I still felt a bit better after the first test. I hope it helps you too (even if it's negative I guess it's better to know, right?).
Thanks for the congrats, I'm only 5 weeks and terrified it won't stick, we shall see...

Paigesmummy89 Wed 18-Feb-15 19:20:36

Hi girls really need ur help ive been ttc my doc out me on clomid as I wasn't ovoulating he rang me today and said I have ovoulated this month today I had awful cramps so I did a test I can see a faint line can anyone else Plz help

Pieface5 Wed 18-Feb-15 19:25:38

Hi Paigesmummy, looks like there might be a faint line there, hard to tell really. I think you'll have to do another test. It might be a bit early to show up properly so maybe try again in a day or two? Or if you can get a digi test then there's no doubt, it'll just say pregnant or not pregnant (I know they're expensive but might be worth it?) Good luck!

Paigesmummy89 Wed 18-Feb-15 19:31:08

Hi pie face my perioud isn't till two weeks away but I ovoulated 7 days ago so apparently I can test... I'm going to do a digi test thanks Hun xx

Pieface5 Wed 18-Feb-15 19:35:56

You're welcome. Don't forget as it's so early it might come up negative but still be positive so do try again in a few days. Fingers crossed!

SoonToBeSix Wed 18-Feb-15 19:43:02

Paige you are testing far too early, wait until ten days after ovulation at the very earliest. Even then 12-14 days will give a much more accurate result.

Paigesmummy89 Wed 18-Feb-15 19:46:11

My doctor told me to take a test :/

SoonToBeSix Wed 18-Feb-15 20:33:38

A GP or a specialist? If it's a specialist far enough but to get a positive 7 days after ovulation is possible but very unlikely. Please don't worry about the cramps they can occur in a normal early pregnancy.

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