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I am 7 weeks 2 days and have my early scan tomorrow (got pregnant through first time ICSI) I am so worried!

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anroga Wed 18-Feb-15 10:02:03

I am 7 weeks 2 days pregnant and have my first early scan tomorrow for a heartbeat (or beats they put two back!).

I have generally been feeling pregnant, cramps, very tired, boobs have got bigger and hurt plus a little bit of nausea when I wake and constant trips to the toilet but even with all these symptoms I am still worried about the scan tomorrow that there won't be anything there or no heartbeat.

Can anyone give me some guidance on what to expect at the scan tomorrow please (plus some sucess stories!) thanks x

Rachach1981 Wed 18-Feb-15 11:28:38

fingers and toes crossed for you.
I remember the feeling well. After 18 months ttc we went for a scan at 8 weeks. I was terrified they would say there was nothing there. Husband cried with relief when we saw the little jelly bean with a heartbeat.

Just try to stay positive. Worrying won't help anything or change anything.

anroga Wed 18-Feb-15 11:41:04

Thanks so much for your positive message Rachach1981.

You have been there so you know how it feels, we have been TTC for over 3 years, the ICSI is a long enough journey in itself and now I am finally pregnant the worrying does not stop.

I will keep positive as you say luckily there has been no signs that there is a problem, so hopefully will see that little bean tomorrow smile

whittlefish Wed 18-Feb-15 12:05:59

Hi angora can't believe its that time already, I was exactly the same got pregnant from icsi and was so scared they would say there was nothing there panicked the whole way to the clinic and those first few second before they say anything is horrible but sure enough there was the little fella heartbeat and all so relieved. Had to keep looking at the scan pic to reassure myself afterwards. I must say I was the same for my 12 week scan and sure 20 weeks will be the same. I think given everything you go through with ivf it's understandable. I think until I can feel it moving I still won't believe it's really there. Fingers crossed all goes well tomorrow

anroga Wed 18-Feb-15 12:14:24

Hi Whittle nice to hear from you and glad to hear your pregnancy is going well and you have got past your 12 weeks! Yay!

Glad to read you felt the same as me and I am not the only one driving myself crazy.

You know what it is like as you say we have been through so much to get to this point it would be heart breaking if anything was to go wrong now.

I can't remember was your BFP through IVF of ICSI? x

luckythirteen Wed 18-Feb-15 12:19:34

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow OP. My first ICSI worked too and I'm now 20 weeks with twins (also had two embryos transferred). It is difficult waiting to know if all is okay but try to stay positive. As for what to expect with the scan, it was an internal scan and the doctor said he was going to have a quick look around before turning the screen towards us, so don't feel nervous if you are not shown straight away. I expect they will want to check your ovaries too. Let us know how you get on smile

anroga Wed 18-Feb-15 12:31:13

Thanks for your message Luckythirteen

Great to read your were successful too with ICSI first time and you are pregnant with twins! That is of course still a possibility for us!

Thank you for the info on the actual scan itself thought it would be an internal at this stage and good to know about the screen thing or otherwise I would be thinking something was wrong.

I am sure they will want to check my ovaries as unfortunately I developed OHSS after transfer.

Will let you and Whittle know how I get on tomorrow, glad both of your pregnancies are going along well, great news.

Didyeaye Wed 18-Feb-15 12:32:15

Hi anroga
I had a scan at 6.5 ish weeks (not icsi but after 2 years TTC and some brown spotting)
We had the screen facing us straight away so I would say don't panic if it looks like a big empty space! Bean was so tiny it took a wee minute to find it grin and as soon as she did we could see the wee heartbeat.
Re not being able to stop worrying now you're pregnant, I've resigned myself to worrying for the rest of my life hmm
Be thinking of u, can't wait to hear if it's one or two in there flowers

whittlefish Wed 18-Feb-15 12:35:14

It was icsi angora first time amazingly. Only one egg survived the process so never thought it would work but here we are. smile

anroga Wed 18-Feb-15 13:13:50

Hi Didyeaye

Thanks for the information on the actual scan that is definately going to help me not panic as much!

Ha ha I know what you mean in a way you just have to accept the worrying with all this!

Thank you I will let you know tomorrow - 2 in there eeeek!

I thought it was Whittle amazing for both of us it worked first time! I didn't have any left to freeze either, just the two they put back. They put two back because I am 38.

I don't know about you girls but since leaving the infertility thread I have felt a bit lost without having some regular contact with the girls so if you are up for going through this next stage together I would love to keep each other posted on how its all going and how we are all feeling!

whittlefish Wed 18-Feb-15 14:20:27

Definitely I feel the same have all these questions but done want to be a serial threader (is that even a word?!) so def up for it smile

anroga Wed 18-Feb-15 14:26:34

Same here Whittle ok great stuff! smile let the posting begin!

whittlefish Thu 19-Feb-15 12:51:37

How did it go angora?

anroga Thu 19-Feb-15 13:39:10

Well whittle just got back from seeing my baby and hearing it's heartbeat beating nice and loudly! I am still in disbelief! I was pregnant with twins but sadly one has stopped growing which apparently happens quite a lot, I feel sad about this but as my husband said it would be worse if this had happened further into the pregnancy.

The baby that is ok is progressing well and I am 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant the nurse said the miscarriage rate is now done to 25% and decreases by 5% every week that goes by.

My next scan is at 10 weeks.

I keep looking at the scan it is slowly starting to sink in that I am actually pregnant!


luckythirteen Thu 19-Feb-15 13:58:05

So sorry to hear about your disappearing twin, but glad you have one strong and healthy bean in there! You will be amazed at the difference in what you see when you go back at 10 weeks! smile

anroga Thu 19-Feb-15 14:13:31

Thanks lucky I have to concentrate on my strong and healthy little bean, I am so happy! I am home alone as dh had to go onto work and am just sitting here with the dog smiling while keep looking at the scan!

Can't wait for the 10 weeks x

Showy Thu 19-Feb-15 14:17:22

See, even the dog is smiling. winkgrin

Congratulations. What a brilliant day for you. It must be a little bittersweet knowing that one of your twins didn't make it. Here's hoping the little beating heart in there is strong enough for two.

I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

anroga Thu 19-Feb-15 14:22:05

Ha ha just re-read that showy and it does sound like the dog is smiling!
(it's a pug she never smiles!)

I know I was really upset during the scan to see the tiny one that had stopped growing but have got to be thankful the other one is doing well.

How is your pregnancy going?

whittlefish Thu 19-Feb-15 14:34:53

Oh thats sad news about the twin but fab that you still have a strong little one there. Wow you get a scan at 10 weeks is that as well as the normal 12 week?

anroga Thu 19-Feb-15 15:01:41

Yep just concentrating on the strong bean inside at the moment.

Well I have to pay for it again but yes the private clinic offers another scan at 10 weeks after that the scans with then be done with the nhs between 12 and 16 weeks but we both agreed this morning to book for the 10 week one.

I have got that in 3 weeks time so jot long to wait.

whittlefish Thu 19-Feb-15 15:11:16

Oh that's good, I know my wait from the 7 weeks to 12 seemed like forever so it's good to have one earlier too, hoping your not feeling to ill

Turquoisetamborine Thu 19-Feb-15 15:46:03

So pleased for you but sorry about the other twin. Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy, try to enjoy it.
I'm 28 weeks pregnant after ICSI and couldn't be happier.

anroga Fri 20-Feb-15 10:16:49

No I feel ok Whittle, still got cramps but the nurse confirmed that was everything growing and adjusting, feel tired and my boobs hurt but other than that been ok, no morning sickness as yet!

Thanks Turquoise it is sad about the other twin but I have to keep positive for my live little bean now. So good to read you are 28 weeks after ICSI. How are you feeling?

Rumplestrumpet Fri 20-Feb-15 11:13:34

A huge congrats to youon your pregnancy Anroga! I'm so pleased it worked out for you! I haven't had good internet access for a while and haven't been back to the IVF thread, so really pleased to see you on the pregnancy thread. I'm sorry to hear that one of the embryos didn't survive, but from what i've read this is not uncommon and doesn't harm the other embryo in any way. You should be set for a perfectly normal pregnancy now.

On the worrying, I don't have any real tips - I found that I was hugely relieved by the first scan (8 weeks }for us), as I'd had no symptoms and just didn't believe I was pregnant. We both cried when we saw the little heartbeat. Then at 12 weeks we cried again, as i'd bled a lot the night before and we'd spent a while lying, holding and comforting each other, convinced it was over. Definitely one of the worst nights of my life! Seeing the baby (more baby than bean by 12 weeks, though still very strange ! ) was wonderful. But the worrying didn't really stop - before each midwife apt i'm scared there'll be no heartbeat. And next week i'll have my 20 week scan (already half way?!) and I'm nervous again. But the fear and nerves have definitely calmed down, I've learned to focus on the positives (and statistics at this stage are reassuring) , and just remind myself that my body knows what it's doing, so I have to leave it to it.
I'll let you know how I get on with the scan next week. Wishing you (and the others on the thread) a very happy and easy pregnancy.
Good luck!

Rumplestrumpet Fri 20-Feb-15 11:19:11

Also, i'd just add that I'm loving my changing body, keeping a positive attitude to my growing waistline, and, though it may sound strange, falling in love with my baby. Feeling the first little movements, feeling my growing uterus poking out under my belly button, it's just magic. Better than I ever imagined. So i'm focusing on this special time, trying not to wish it away or worry about the next stage.
Probably sounds a bit hippy, but it feels great for me!

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