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midwife freaked me out!

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MissTwister Tue 17-Feb-15 13:52:38

I just had my 16 week appointment and it took the midwife 6 minutes to find the heartbeat - was so scared! She said it's because its so small still and can be hiding. She ended up finding it really low down.

Apart from that it was a pretty pointless appointment - I asked about weight and how much i should put on (as am overweight) but apparently they dont ever weigh you and have no guidelines? Is this normal?

I had lots of other questions but didn't really feel the opportunity to ask - how on earth would we cope without the internet and each other!!!

Choccywoccydodah Tue 17-Feb-15 13:57:00

I wouldn't be scared to ask, that's what the mws are there for! If you have a question just stop her at the end as ask!
I don't think I got weighed apart from at the first appt, so I can't answer that sorry!
I'm sure the mw is extremely happy with your otherwise she would have said.
Hope everything goes well smile

donkir Tue 17-Feb-15 13:57:52

Most midwives now don't check for heartbeat until your 28 weeks I think for that exact reason that it's very hard to find at 16 weeks. Also more tricky if you have the placenta at the front.

Sophieelmer Tue 17-Feb-15 14:08:21

Being overweight makes it difficult to find a heart beat so early on. Some don't evrn try for the fear of not finding it, which is hugely unfair if you are a healthy weight!
Are the questions you want to ask something you would feel comfortable doing here?

applecore0317 Tue 17-Feb-15 14:21:39

Mine only weighed me at booking in, and they don't listen to the heartbeat until 25 week appt. Some do earlier, I had a midwife listen to the heartbeat a couple of weeks ago when I was 24 weeks and she used an cone instrument first to listen and find correct position but even then it took her a few mins with the doppler as she kept wriggling away.

I always write down any questions I have in my maternity notes and once the midwife has done everything I sit and ask them, so that I don't forget

weeblueberry Tue 17-Feb-15 14:30:41

She should have explained to you that there was a chance of not finding it at 16 weeks and prepared you better.

Certainly my midwife has specifically said not to worry too much about any weight I'm putting on and that they won't measure it unless they were seriously concerned about it. Suspect they don't want women trying to control it too much in case they attempt to diet or similar.

But you do need to ask questions you have in the later appointments. Normally the spiel they do is limited to the earlier visits when you're newly pregnant. I think towards the middle/end they assume you'll ask about anything you're unsure of. smile

Foggymist Tue 17-Feb-15 14:55:17

At 16 weeks it'd be understandable that it would take a while to find it especially if you're overweight, she should've explained that to you.

I've been weighed at every appt and my weight written down, I was even weighed at a quick follow up appt today after my last proper gp appt a week ago, so I've been weighed about 7 times so far. I would've thought if you are overweight to begin with they would give you a guideline of how much was healthy to gain.

MissTwister Tue 17-Feb-15 15:05:22

Thanks all! Is it normal that she found the HB right low down at the pubic bone at 16weeks 5 days do you think? I somehow feel less reassured than before as she kept asking me if I could hear it and I couldn't!!

Foggymist Tue 17-Feb-15 15:13:09

Where do you think she should've found it? Genuine question, might not sound like it written down. Yes that's very normal, at 19 weeks mine was right down low on the right, your uterus is just above your pelvis at this stage. Now at 30 weeks the hb is still down that side, it likes to hang out down that side of me so always there!

MissTwister Tue 17-Feb-15 15:28:49

I thought it should be a little higher as uterus/baby moved up at 14 weeks but maybe I am wrong! I like to worry....

MissTwister Tue 17-Feb-15 15:30:15

Foggymist - me too. I've read online I should only be putting on 11 pounds instead of the normal 25 pounds but she had no advice at all. Apart from telling me to restrict 'sugary things like cakes'!!

applecore0317 Tue 17-Feb-15 15:33:04

Both times the heartbeat has been low down for me, the baby seems to like being curled up low and my bump reflects that. I remember thinking it was low at the 16 week appt but the midwife wasn't concerned so neither was I

Swanny84 Tue 17-Feb-15 15:49:25

I also felt My 16 week app was a waste of time. They did weigh me and done bp but other than that was just a chat. Which could have done over the phone. My mw Wouldn't listen to heartbeat as was too early x

weeblueberry Tue 17-Feb-15 16:08:48

Doing your BP is really really important though. Especially when it gets to that stage and you're becoming at risk of GD.

rosedavo Tue 17-Feb-15 16:19:08

I got weighed on my booking appointment and my bmi worked out, got told as my bmi normal i was low risk, think if u are overweight then you are just advised to eat healthy and gain a tiny bit less (but think still gain a fair amount) have a look on nhs website? I never got my heartbeart checked at any appointment yet and im 22 weeks! Im not sure if this is normal? My midwive seems like she just wants to get me in and out sad

rosedavo Tue 17-Feb-15 16:23:56

Oh and my midwife said to me as well, just eat balanced diet and limit cakes sweets crisps etc, im eating so much tbh, healthy stuff and non healthy stuff lol

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