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A little confused at my DD? Helpppp

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Fuzzybean15 Tue 17-Feb-15 13:37:18

Hey all smile

I had my first scan last week and was told I am 10+6. In the moment I wasn't really listening to the midwife as my lil bean had just popped up on the screen.. It was then that my partner asked again how many weeks I was. By going by my LMP I should have really been around 13-14 weeks. Could this be down to me having such a long cycle or have the midwives messed up my dates? Another thing is when me and my partner were walking out to the car he said that he saw the midwife write down 30-11-14 as my LMP, when really it was 30-10-14 (Halloween weekend lol).. I'm thinking that they go on the length of the baby to see how far along you are and this is why I'm confused.. Any advice or help please smile thankssss

EffinIneffable Tue 17-Feb-15 16:16:40

Is it possible that there is some confusion between your estimated due date by your last missed period, and your estimated due date by ultrasound? If this was in the the nhs you should have been given a printed report from the scan that shows whether the EDD is based on LMP or ultrasound - mine showed both with a 5-day difference.
Was this supposed to be your normal 12 week scan? Scans before 12 weeks are not particularly reliable at estimating dates, so if you are a bit earlier then measurements can be slightly out as a few mm either way makes quite a big difference.

Are you in the UK? Normally it's a sonographer who does the scan and then you give that info to your midwife. If you've booked in with a midwife then it is definitely worth making sure that she has the right date for your LMP as a big discrepancy may be worth further investigation. If you are having downs screening then you will need to return for another scan between 12 and 14 weeks for the nuchal measurement test.

You are right though, it is possible to be quite far out only going on LMP and long cycles plus late ovulation could explain it. I would say though it doesn't sound like cause for alarm - and congratulations on seeing your baby!

Showy Tue 17-Feb-15 16:23:12

If you have long cycles it's extremely likely that you ovulate later than the average 14 days post lmp. Do you not have your notes?

hagred Tue 17-Feb-15 18:08:05

With my DS I was given a DUe date from my dating scan that was almost 3 weeks later than the DAte based on my LMP.
My MW told me the conception date based on the dating scan and I hadn't seen DH for that whole week due to business travelling.
I was confused by this also.
I was advised that none of this is an exact science and these are all estimates based on trends and stats gathered over the years.
I became paranoid that he would come early and that they must be making a mistake, but he was still 2 weeks late.

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