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Feeling a bit swollen down there. 30 weeks pg.

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FeelingSwell Tue 17-Feb-15 13:19:20


I am 30 weeks pregnant. Since last week, I have felt like the flesh around my vagina is a bit swollen - majora labia, I think, could be minora, really hard to tell right now!
Is this normal? Is this a pregnancy thing? And if it is something to be concerned about, do I see the midwife or GP?

shelley1977 Tue 17-Feb-15 14:49:21

I assumed it was just pregnancy related,im suffering from same thing.

FeelingSwell Tue 17-Feb-15 15:40:19

Oh thank you for replying! And I am relieved you have it too! I have Googled loads and not managed to find it as a symptom. How far along are you? Mine seems to come and go too - does it for you? And it's not really bothering me physically - I was just wondering if it was something to worry about.
Are you concerned?

zebrapig Tue 17-Feb-15 16:08:41

I'm swollen down there too. 32+6 and reckon it's been like it for a month or more at least.

FeelingSwell Tue 17-Feb-15 16:38:50

Oh phew! Nice not to be alone.
This is my second pregnancy and I didn't have it last time (not that I recall, anyway.)
Did you see a healthcare professional? Should we be concerned?

blackwidow74 Tue 17-Feb-15 17:17:14

Yup it's normal ... as baby settles head downward and your body is pumping double your usual blold volume it all has to collect somewhere and it just seems those bits of us that are more 'delicate' seem to swell but we have it happening all over our bods!!
Also even a mild bout of thrush can cause swelling there too ... oh the joys eh!!

bubalou Tue 17-Feb-15 17:26:48

Same here blush

I'm 25 weeks and think it's been like this for about 4-5 weeks.

FeelingSwell Tue 17-Feb-15 17:28:28

Thank you for that, blackwidow, feeling relieved. I will mention it to the mw at my next general check-in, but not make a special appointment.
I think my baby's head is already down, I feel heavier at the base of my womb. I didn't with DS, he didn't drop til the end.

WingsClipped Tue 17-Feb-15 17:28:59

I've got swollen bits as well blush the things no one tells you about being pregnant.

Foggymist Tue 17-Feb-15 17:31:44

Between the pressure and extra fluid in your body it's to be expected, I personally wouldn't see a midwife or gp about it. I've had it on and off for about 2 months (30 weeks now) and figured it was just par for the course.

seaoflove Tue 17-Feb-15 17:32:10

Normal! I'm 26 weeks and noticed it weeks ago.

pocketsized Tue 17-Feb-15 17:38:26

34 weeks here and noticed this a while ago, I think if you don't have any pain to go with it its just one of those things, I haven't bothered mentioning it to my midwife, but if you are concerned I'd just mention it at your next appointment.

FeelingSwell Tue 17-Feb-15 17:41:01

Indeed, Wings. I hadn't found anything about it in the general 'what to expect' web pages, I was not aware of it til now. And I like to be prepared!
Foggy, it's just it didn't get it last pregnancy, not that I was aware of, anyway, so was getting concerned.
Anyway, glad it's normal! Thank you all!

FeelingSwell Tue 17-Feb-15 17:42:23

Hm, old thread here says it could be thrush, so worth us getting checked out by the GP.
Mine isn't bothering me really though, not yet anyway.

shelley1977 Tue 17-Feb-15 19:36:45

I thought It's maybe to do with the increased blood flow , especially lower down. I've had no other problems apart from needing to be a bit more careful dtd otherwise it can be rather painful!

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