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Tmi mucus plug 24 weeks

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Pyjamaramadrama Tue 17-Feb-15 09:46:55

This is a bit tmi but a little worried, a bit embarrassed to call midwife.

I'm 24 weeks and 4 days.

Sunday night dp and I dtd, then I went straight to sleep. Yesterday afternoon after I had a shower I noticed a large amount of mucus down there. It was yellow/green and very thick, like snot and probably a tablespoon full. To me it looked like the mucus plug. Obviously it's way too early.

Has anyone experienced similar, wondering if it could have just been dried sperm but it didn't seem like it.

ISolemnlySwearImUptoNoGood Tue 17-Feb-15 09:49:35

Your mucus plug is usually clear in colour or a bit bloody like pinky brown. It does replace itself though so don't worry about early labour.

I would suggest you get checked out for an infection. The green colour is not normal.

JugglingLife Tue 17-Feb-15 09:50:29

You definitely need to get checked out with your midwife OP. It may well be nothing but far better to be safe.

mumxof3x Tue 17-Feb-15 09:55:04

Hi, its not too early to lose it, it can happen. I started, losing mine this time in little tiny bits before id even made second trimester. Im now 27 weeks and lose bits on a daily basis, sometimes large amounts sometimes small. It does regenrate. However i know this is normal for me as its my 4th and ds2 I was losing it from 22wks and ds3 15wk. I do think you should ring the midwife as they may want to check you out to be on the safe side and also they might want to swab you, they did me in ds2s pregnancy. Hope everything is ok x

Withalittlesparkle Tue 17-Feb-15 09:56:22

Yes get yourself checked out but as someone's already said its common to shed and place your plug several times.

If you'd just dtd then you've probably irritated it a little.

In my experience my plug was cream in colour, jelly like in consistency and I was loosing for about 5 days!

Pyjamaramadrama Tue 17-Feb-15 10:37:12

Thanks all. I rang midwife, she said not to worry and that it grows back. Like a scab being knocked off she said. She said it's only a concern if there's bleeding or pain. So fingers crossed all is ok.

It's put me off having sex though.

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