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What snacks are you planning on taking with you for labour?

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skyra13 Mon 16-Feb-15 18:13:34

Just that really just would like to know what food and drink you plan on taking?

britnay Mon 16-Feb-15 18:24:39

water and energy drinks in a squeazy bottle.
dried mango pieces for after.
last time I was threw up as soon as I got on the bed in the labour ward and would not have been able to keep anything down whilst labouring anyways. Water in a squeazy bottle as being on hands and knees was the most comfortable position, so a regular bottle would have made a mess.

Heels99 Mon 16-Feb-15 18:29:18

Do people really eat during labour? Inevitably it will come back up!

skyra13 Mon 16-Feb-15 18:37:47

In early stages you are told to eat.

TheEagle Mon 16-Feb-15 18:41:12

I had Fox's Glacier Fruits as advised by the midwives at the antenatal classes.

At least when I puked them all up it was a nice colour smile

Birdiegirl Mon 16-Feb-15 18:48:49

When I was in labour with dd1 I threw up early on and couldn't eat a thing. I did drink water and squash throughout. Afterwards I was absolutely starving, the tea and toast didn't touch the sides.

DC2 due in June and I'm planning on taking in a tube of Pringles and loads of biscuits and snacky things for afterwards and orange Fanta (just think I'll fancy it smile). DH may also be sent to find some fast food, depending on how long I need to stay. Honest I was so hungry last time, poor dd was lucky I didn't take a bite out of her grin

carbolicsoaprocked Mon 16-Feb-15 18:49:05

Tunnock's caramel logs. It was the only thing I could stomach after a general anaesthetic last year, so I figure if I'm feeling sick I've still got a decent chance at keeping that down. This is my first so I don't know how I'll feel, but I'm going to pack nuts and raisins to nibble on too and cup-a-soups probably.

missingpinotgrigio Mon 16-Feb-15 18:50:00

I've packed cereal bars and a couple of bags of haribo. Also taking lucozade (the still one) and some juice boxes as well. Think of your birthing partner too, they need to keep their energy up as well, you don't want them flaking out on you!! (or whinging that their hungry when you're pushing an angry human out of your fanjo!!)

Artandco Mon 16-Feb-15 18:50:37

I only ate some sweets during. But after got dh to get me a huge Stilton burger from Byron, plus 101 side dishes!

Whatabout Mon 16-Feb-15 18:51:26

I took stuff but as I was on constant monitoring due to PROM I was nil by mouth. I remember eating a sandwich after but not fancying it.

Quitelikely Mon 16-Feb-15 18:51:54

Food was the last thing on my mind during labour.

My midwives mentioned nothing about eating!

TheGirlWhoPlayedWithFire Mon 16-Feb-15 18:56:01

I don't remember eating during labour? Was mil by mouth for the first but laboured ok for the second.

Although I love the thought of DH bringing a Byron burger plus sides for afterwards (just need to convince DH now).

Might take in snacks for post labour as like a PP tea and toast is nice but not filling if you've not eaten for hours.

thehumanjam Mon 16-Feb-15 19:00:19

There was no way I would have been able to eat anything. I was ravenous after though.

SilverStars Mon 16-Feb-15 19:17:48

Frozen Ribera cartons so they defrost throughout the time and energy drinks - used last time. Snacks I had after birth as had not eaten for quite a while!!

Gunpowder Mon 16-Feb-15 19:21:19

Frozen Ribena is a genius idea. I couldn't eat anything either. Poor DH kept bringing me little snacks as advised by midwifes after we were sent home. I think I threw them across the room in anger. blush

Heels99 Mon 16-Feb-15 19:22:05

Op you will still be at home in early stages so can eat whatever you have in house! You'll be seeing it all again though when it comes back up in later stages!

Gunpowder Mon 16-Feb-15 19:22:09

Dried apricots v. good PP for both iron and easy first bowel movement btw.

TwoLittleTerrors Mon 16-Feb-15 19:27:00

Early labor I was told to have a meal before going in.

First labour inhad hospital food.
It was a 3 day affair. Second was 2 hours. Neither would home snack be of any use.

FishWithABicycle Mon 16-Feb-15 19:30:03

Dried fruit & nut mix - a small biscuit-tin full - also useful for grabbing a snack during bf marathons so good to get plenty.

Artandco Mon 16-Feb-15 19:51:56

The girl - def get a food delivery from dh! Dh was so amazed by baby he couldn't stand still and just kept wanting to do something during labour so wizard off happily to fulfil food requests.
I'm size 6/8, and when pregnant was the same with bump basically. So midwifes found it hilarious how much food i could eat after!

FeelTheNoise Mon 16-Feb-15 19:52:12

Trust me, you won't be hungry! Lots of drinks though, lots! I'm thinking of a few big waters, and a few cans of drink for the energy and rehydration. Maybe some cans of Rio grin

For afterwards I'll be bringing lots of milkshakes, nuts, dried fruit and chocolate. When I had DS I couldn't face the offer of pasta, as they were still stitching me up when it was offered confused but I got really hungry later, after my visitors had gone.

Dogsmom Mon 16-Feb-15 19:59:44

I'm taking sandwiches grin

Last time I only took cereal bars, I wasn't allowed to eat during my 30 hour labour then dd was born at noon so by the time I'd been stitched, showered and was on the ward I'd missed lunch and had to wait until dinner which was omelette and spaghetti hoops which I shared with my equally famished dh.

I really could've done with something more substantial after all the hard work and so am packing 'proper' food this time instead of snacks.

skyra13 Mon 16-Feb-15 20:06:58

I have not been sick since I was child so I am hoping that brining what ever I eat back up will not be the case lol

Zsazsabinks Mon 16-Feb-15 20:58:56

I found amazing, for afterwards, Dole jelly pots with fruit in them. I really did a lot of throwing up and just didn't feel up to eating so they were just about manageable, also, I started to shake a lot and go into shock so couldn't hack the tea and toast, DH fed me one of those pots which was helpful. Other than that Haribo and Fruit Pastilles, good for when you need a little sugar hit before contractions and vomiting overtake.

If you're not prone to vomiting usually you might be OK though.

aneesa28 Mon 16-Feb-15 21:31:33

TwoLittleTerrors My first was three days long and second was two hours, too!

SilverStars Frozen Ribena is a genius idea; writing it down on my list right now.

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