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Fundal height 30cm at 27 weeks

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cocolacocotte Mon 16-Feb-15 15:45:40

Hi all,

my midwife put me on gestational diabetes monitoring in December because of family history and because I had a high BMI but after 4 weeks of 6 tests per day and only 3 results outside of the normal range (including one on Christmas day), she told me to drop down to just 3 tests a day and I only have to send the results in for analysis if I go outside of certain limits, which I haven't.

I was confident that the GD "scare" was just a flash in the pan but when I went for my monthly appointment last week, the midwife told me I have to go for a measuring scan in the next two weeks as my fundal height is 30 cm at 27 weeks. Should I be worried?

Thanks in advance

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