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Need advice - 32 weeks

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rosepetalsoup Mon 16-Feb-15 14:28:52

I am 32 weeks and have been really tired over the past week, after feeling quite chipper and sprightly. The baby seems to have sunk down low into my pelvis and be kicking less. They did say my placenta was at the front so maybe the baby has gone down behind that... I'm not sure. I can feel movement just not individual limbs, more a rolling feeling and pain in my groin. I think if I had a car or more energy I would get the baby double-checked by the doctors to make sure they're ok but I am too tired.
I've overdone it today, walking too far with my 2 year old in the pram. I want more than anything to go to sleep but can't (DH away at work). Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can do with my 2 year old this afternoon (it is raining) and what I can make her for supper. I am literally about to fall asleep and can't think straight. Thanks.

mum2benicole Mon 16-Feb-15 14:51:15

Im 27 weeks with a 18 month old and find being tired is the worst part. I drink the small bottles of lucazade just 1 throughout the dg seems to help a lot I no people say you shouldn't drink it my mw said its fine in small amounts and picks me up so cant be to bad. I like to walk but cant go far anymore I have pgp and pain in my hips but find talking her to groups were there other childeren seems great she just toddles of and plays have a look and see what groups are in your area like play groups and things means u get a chance to sit and rely while little one plays. If grandparents are good try relying on them more aswell u need to rest as much as you can nap when you 2 year old dose and tell your partner how your feeling aswell he needs to no.
As for supper porridge just something simple and try sleep a few hours while your partner watches little one
Hope it helps xx

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